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When are people going to get it through their thick skulls that when less than 5% of the population actually hunts, it’s a safe-as-hell bet that posting videos and photos of kills and bloody hands IS GOING TO BE USED BY ANTIS TO LEGISLATE HUNTING OUT OF EXISTENCE.

Is it RIGHT that this person is getting flamed? Of course not. Was it a good idea for her to post that stuff? Ummmm.... Do we have to ask?

Recognize that we’re dealing with people who are willing to suggest that hunting mountain lions causes them to attack people and eat sheep.

“California banned mountain lion hunting in 1971 with a moratorium and then, after lifting the ban in 1986, brought forward a ballot measure that banned hunting of mountain lions in 1990. Since these regulations have been in place, California has had relatively fewer mountain lion attacks on humans per capita and per amount of suitable habitat than a number of states with sport hunting. Moreover, California also reported losing a smaller percentage of domestic sheep than most states with sport hunting of mountain lions.”

There’s actually some science backing the idea that letting big, dominant Toms live long and control large areas can help keep their numbers down, but that gets into HOW you manage their numbers, NOT whether it makes sense to let them reproduce unchecked.

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