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ROUGHCOUNTRY's embedded Photo
I just received my new DVD's in the mail from Mr. Wensel. They're his latest from the "Post Rut" of his hunting career:) I haven't watched them yet but supposedly some information he hasn't shared before. I know he's offering these at hunting shows and events he'll be attending/speaking. For the rest of us, I think you'll have to order through he and Gene's "" web site. He'll sign them for you taboot!

From: Hawkeye
I'm going to order mine today. Thanks for posting!

Nice, ordering mine today!

From: Busta'Ribs
I highly recommend these DVD's. I attended Barry's boot camp in 2018 (sadly, his last year doing these) and it was such a great experience. As Barry say's, he's in his "Golden Years" now, which he quickly adds "that no one told you, SUCK!". Anyway, at this stage in the game he's eager to pass on the knowledge he's gained from an incredible lifetime spent chasing big Whitetails with a bow. These DVD's really are the next best thing to being in one of Barry's boot camps. The info Barry shares is really priceless. While you're ordering, I highly suggest picking up his "Crooked Hat Chronicle's" DVDs as well. Those have even more great info, but were made to be more entertaining than educational. Great stuff Barry!

From: Bou'bound
Great videos

From: BUCKeye
Are they for sale on their website yet? I am not seeing them there...

From: Sawpilot75
I watched them the other night and there is a ton of info. I highly recommend them.

From: Hawkeye
I tried to find them too but haven't yet. Keep me posted as I definitely want to watch them!

Please keep us informed if you know when they will be available for purchase. I did not see them on the site. Thanks

I purposely drove a few hours in Pa a few weeks ago, to get mine at the Harrisburg Sprtsman's show . Barry was as friendly and warm a guy as you could ever hope to meet. The DVDs have plenty of quality information, but the perk was to hear Barry's talk, because he just gets more and more revved up and excited as he goes along. Plenty of fire left under that grey roof. Get the DVDs and go meet and hear him talk if you can.

From: shane
Any idea when they will be for sale on their website?

From: Barry Wensel
My sincere apologies to everyone. I've been a really busy guy. Thank you for all the nice comments. It's just been kind of the "perfect storm" for me. To give you an idea, I just got home from Nebraska this evening. They cancelled my flight from Kearney, booked me out of Omaha; then cancelled that, said I could get on another flight from Omaha to Chicago; then (get this) Chicago back to DENVER; then Denver to Des Moines; then a 2 hour drive home from Des Moines. I ended up driving all the way home. Then last week I was in Pierre, SD and returned home via a sixteen hour flight/schedule. I think I've only been home six or seven days now in the last seven weeks. And I'm leaving again tomorrow until March 18th. On top of that, my wife is in Australia watching two of our grandkids (6&4) so she can't help me here. Nothing wrong.. just very busy. I've not even put the new DVDs on our website yet. They'll be coming hopefully soon. If anyone wants to order them they can send a check or M/O made out to myself to: 28942 Woodland Rd., Lineville, IA 50147. Vol. 1 is $25.; Vol. 2- $25. or you can get Vols. 1&2 for $45. total that includes 1st. class postage. I'm taking some DVDs with me on the road and will TRY to fill orders daily. Please have patience with me in the next couple weeks. I apologize for any potential messes. If there's any problems I promise to make them right ASAP. Thank you all again for your understanding and patience. BW

From: Shug
They were great Barry ty for big buck I’ll take next year that you’ll be some what responsible for.

From: shane
Barry, Understand completely lately the traveling and storms have been one ordeal after another.

I will put a check in the mail tomorrow for the two dvds.

Thanks, Shane

From: whiter16
Sent my check this morning.

From: Boone
I have always enjoyed hearing both you and Gene speak over the years and have most of your books and a few videos. I look forward to getting these as well!

Barry, are you going to be at Pope and Young this year? If so, I'd like to swing by your booth and pick up a copy.

From: Lone Eagle
I'll be sending you a check for both DVD's

I just now finished disc one. I promise you that you will not be disappointed

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