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To be succinct: I shoot a longbow with cedar shafts. . I rarely hunt small game or birds, and once a long time ago bought a few Glue on rubber and steel blunts which I have almost never shot. Now, I am going off to Africa and there are guinea hens, and maybe some other small game that I might be shooting at. I have looked at the options in the 3 Rivers Catalog, and was hoping that if I listed them by name that someone with experience would direct me towards the "better choice". I recognize that I could just use my broadheads but wanted to avoid that out of cost. I am also planning to put them onto Flu Flus to try to limit them disappearing into the wild beyond. Tiger Claw blunt The Hammer Small game blunt Flat nosed Steel blunt Ace Hex blunt


From: LKH
I liked the slip on rubber blunts. Good luck on the guinea hens. Practice running shots.

From: Shaft2Long
They’re legal in Colorado.

From: Dale06
Amen on running shots. They are perpetual motion. I feathered several but never killed one.

From: Bow Bullet
Consider glue-on judo points. Then you won't need flu flus.

From: bowbender77
Steven: The guinea hens are tough customers to anchor. I stuck one the last time I was over there with a Judo blunt, from a ground blind and watched it fly away with my entire arrow, never to be seen again. They are very wary in the wild and your best chance to even get a shot at one would be from a hide or blind. I would go with a very aggressive or even oversized judo style point. There are some bulk judo style heads out of china on ebay that would fill the bill. Good luck !

I've killed about 5 dozen squirrels with the 125 grain steel glue on blunts sold by 3 rivers, Braveheart, etc.... They work very well for wood arrows. Plus, if you are using shafting besides wood, you can glue inserts of varying weights if you are looking for a higher foc.

Whatever you do, shoot some form of blunt. It stops the arrow quickly and does not deflect it like a field point. You don't need a fancy rubber one or a judo type. Or a bunny buster, or anything like that. I can shoot a steel flat blunt through 3/4 plywood with my 58 pound longbow. They will kill any small game you hit with them. And go through them at that. And, buy it from Braveheart archery. He is just as if not more affordable on most everything and, you pay a true shipping cost instead of a high across the board flat rate.

From: Thornton
I've had poor results with blunts even with 70# pull

From: dmanwarren

dmanwarren's embedded Photo
dmanwarren's embedded Photo
The hex heads are less likely to break wood arrows compared to the other two you mentioned. I've taken many squirrel and rabbit with them with good success. The ones with a claw that is wider than the shaft put a lot of side pressure on a wood arrow when they grab something. Dave

From: jrstegner
If you really want to recover a guinea I would get some of those polymer Cold Steel Cheap Shot broadheads. They are serated and about the size of a Deadhead. I don't think a judo or blunt will be up to the task in body shots. You can kill Francolin with anything.

From: Fauntleroy
Shaft to long... I was gonna say don't get them too tight.

my Arrows always punch through the slip on rubber ones, with a flat point under or no tip at all.

From: Spider2
The hammer blunt heads are made by VPA they work great

Guys, Thanks for the real-world experience and comments. It does obviously narrow down the options to two. Unfortunately the Cheap shot broadheads are only available in screw in and not glue on.

BTW, I did check out Braveheart Archery as I am an advocate of supporting small businesses. Interestingly they do not sell to Pa, where I live due to the tax issues. I do have a NJ address so not insurmountable. Just an FYI. Also, Judos are relatively expensive to lose. But I guess that after all, after paying to get to Africa and all that is involved with that it is kinda ridiculous to worry about an extra $2. I just hate to see things fly away,

From: Arrowflinger
The Hex Blunt is a very deadly blunt. I also sometimes use the hammer with good results but the Hex Blunt is my favorite.

From: Adak Caribou
Have you considered the G5 Small Game Head (S.G.H.). Judos didn't work for what I was doing so tried these with great success. Have fun!

That SGH looks pretty scary, but I need glue on and they would appear to be screw in only Interesting how wide the pricing range is on them, when you Google them up

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