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Spider2 03-Mar-19
Treeline 03-Mar-19
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Franklin 03-Mar-19
Missouribreaks 03-Mar-19
JusPassin 03-Mar-19
Bou'bound 03-Mar-19
ryanrc 03-Mar-19
bowbender77 03-Mar-19
Shaft2Long 03-Mar-19
Franklin 03-Mar-19
BC 03-Mar-19
PECO 03-Mar-19
drycreek 03-Mar-19
jdee 03-Mar-19
Bowfinatic 03-Mar-19
Boreal 03-Mar-19
TD 03-Mar-19
rattling_junkie 04-Mar-19
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cnelk 04-Mar-19
stick n string 04-Mar-19
Bigpizzaman 04-Mar-19
rallison 04-Mar-19
APauls 04-Mar-19
deserthunter 04-Mar-19
BagginBigguns 04-Mar-19
Brian M. 04-Mar-19
ohiohunter 04-Mar-19
From: Spider2
Ha those were very entertaining, especially the bad grammar. I guess these people who comment don't realize where the meat in the supermarket comes from.

From: Treeline
Totally disconnected with reality.

Wonder how long some of those people would survive if anything ever got tough.

From: GhostBird
"You guys are the worst, treating those poor animals like that. I've got to put on my leather shoes now and run to the store to pick up some steaks and maybe some chicken wings." Haha

From: dg72a

From: Franklin
This is why hunters and outdoorsman shouldn`t be concerned with what or how these people feel. You will never reach them or get them to understand your position.

This was exemplified in that crazy "another hunter harassed" thread. We have to stop caring what these snowflakes think. When YOU bend...they win.

The positive hunter messaging will NEVER change the mind of the wack job far left. But.... we damn well better be sensitive to the other 95 % of the voters who can determine our fate at the voting booth. It is here our positive messaging has a chance to resonate. I am hoping none of you are really so stupid as to believe the best way to sell ourselves and a positive message is with macho blood, guts and hands on a liberal media such as Facebook. Absolutely dumb to support such a notion, as dumb as the people Pat called out above on the liberal side.

From: JusPassin
If they are true "vegans" and make use of NO animal by products, I can respect their feelings, however I would venture that in 99% of the remarks that is not the case. Most are simply ignorant hypocrites. They'll criticize the hunter then head to McDonald's.

From: Bou'bound
The wack jobs cancel us out. It’s the majority that is neither hunter nor hunter hater that matter

From: ryanrc
Juspassin, they also better not use any product that was tested on animals, be it medication, hair care products, make up, etc

From: bowbender77
The big problem as I see it is that these bleeding hearts can vote. That scares me.

From: Shaft2Long
Damn, I didn’t know you had a YouTube channel.

From: Franklin
"Sensitive"....there is a word that shouldn`t be in a man`s vocabulary when dealing with the anti` anytime else.

From: BC
Problem is sometime it seems like there is more of them than us. Especially with all this social media and technology. Many young people never get off the pavement. They get their worldview through the entertainment industry. Not good.

From: PECO
Franklin, are you a troll?

From: drycreek
I wonder how many of these "bunny huggers" believe in abortion ?

From: jdee
Hey now Franklin, it’s 2019 men can be transgender and feminine and must be sensitive...... lol.... why do think we’re in the &@#*” mess we’re in.


Bowfinatic 's embedded Photo
Bowfinatic 's embedded Photo

From: Boreal
I read the ones that said:


"pisses me pity for her"



"hunting porn"

No wait, they where on Bowsite describing the young girl who killed a mountain lion. Sorry, my bad.

From: TD
I love hunting videos. Love hunting pics. Some are saying we should no longer have videos or take pics to show people??? Or better yet..... lock them away so as nobody else can see them? Only hunters with passwords can see them, that's the ticket....

Lots of adjectives and phrases out there..... I'll just call it, yeah.... no.....

Great job Pat! These people are the reason for the saying "ya can't fix stupid...." and senseless to even try.....

Ya, they can be brutal. I've had some threats against myself and family, but I'm thinking it's just more keyboard warriors than anything. Lots of crazy people out there!

From: ohiohunter
Boreal, please provide a link

From: cnelk
I turn off the comment ability on my YouTube stuff

^^^^^^^^ Like

From: Bigpizzaman

Bigpizzaman's Link

From: rallison
I got in this debate with a cousin from Chicago...she's lived her entire life on concrete. She just couldn't believe I killed these innocent helpless creatures! I asked if she was Does she eat meat? fact pics I'd posted of my smoker, brisket, ribs, and the other BBQ I cook looked great.

So, I told her...while I do purchase meat from stores, I also eat wild game. In which case, I don't pay somebody else to do the dirty work...I kill it, gut it, skin it, cut it up, and provide table fare for myself and family. YOU go to the market and pick out those nice T-bones somebody else got bloody to provide for you.

That was two years ago...she hasn't spoken to me since.

From: APauls
The worst ones are the nutcases that try and use God to further their motive. Makes people associate way too much nuttiness with Christianity. Nutty people are just that, please don't apply that to us Christians :)

From: deserthunter
Bowbender beat me to it. These people vote and frankly that should scare the hell out of every one of us.

"You are a MONSTER and I hope you suffer the exact same things you put these seals through in HELL?"

Was this idiot asking you or telling you?

From: Brian M.
I just wonder why they watch things that they know will offend them.

From: ohiohunter
They thrive off of being offended, they seek it out to police society bc their opinion is the only one, it gives them meaning otherwise they'd just be feeding their 14 cats and changing shitty kitty litter all day.

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