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From: tkjwonta
Curious if anyone has a recommendation for a Yukon Dall sheep outfitter, or info about Yukon sheep in general. I think I have a pretty good idea of the outfitters in NWT, and have checked out a few guys in AK. You just don't hear as much about the Yukon and I want to make sure I'm not missing anything.

I'm still a few years out from going, would probably be looking at 2022 or so, but I want to start narrowing things down a bit.

From: Kurt
Allen Bolen of Bolen and Lewis goat outfitters in BC shot a great Fannin in the Yukon in 2017, google it for photos if you want. Yukon Stone Outfitters I believe.

From: TurboT
I would suggest going to the sheep show next year. Great opportunity to visit with all the sheep outfitters. Lots of good operations, just a matter of what you want for your adventure. Something to consider is if you just want a dall or a caribou as well. That May sway your decision

From: Zackman
I hunted and arrowed a ran in the NWT. It was a great experience and I would highly recommend the NWT. However, I currently have two sheep hunts booked in the Yukon over the next 3 years. Just do your research and you will be ok. I also highly recommend going to Sheep Show to personally talk to Outfitters. It’s a great opportunity to see everyone. Also, really talk to outfitters about rifle vs. bowhunting, if you have an interest in doing one instead of the other. Book early!! Outfitters are in high demand right now

If you are looking at 2022 I would recommend you do your research soon. Many of the outfitters are already booked full thru 2021 and are taking 2022 reservations now

From: Glunker
Curious why you are not more interested in AK and NWT. My impression is that the success rates vary so do your research. AK might be less expensive, NWT might have higher success ratios. Yukon has fannin sheep which can up their prices. Negotiate for a second animal. Good luck.

From: tkjwonta
I'm definitely interested in AK and NWT as potential locations, but I feel as though I have a pretty decent grasp of the general pros/cons of those two places. However, you don't hear as much about the Yukon Dall sheep outfitters, so I was curious whether there was a reason for that. My basic conclusion so far is that the Yukon is more similar to the NWT in many ways, but with the possibility of Fannin sheep adding another wrinkle to the hunt.

Thanks for the advice so far, a trip to the Sheep Show is in my future and hopefully that will help clarify things even further.

From: kscowboy

kscowboy's Link
You’ll be hard pressed to hear anything bad about Mackenzie Mountain Outfitters. I have not hunted with them but they have been recommended by a number of folks at Sheep Show. If you are going archery, I would go that route. Canada is more expensive but the success rate on good rams is quite high. Alaska can be a craps shoot in the OTC units. The most expensive sheep hunts are the ones you have to do-over...

From: Bowboy

Bowboy's Link
I've hunted the NWT or Yukon. But the attached outfitter Freelance Outdoor Adventures would be high on you list.

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