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Jarbridge NV elk
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From: DonVathome
I rifle hunted this area second season. What I saw was amazing. Once you got into the wilderness there was the most elk sign I have ever seen. Very few cow elk (calling must be great). IMO after hunting AZ 27 archery right after the fire, WY 62 bow and rifle, NM 36 & 15 muzzy, Co 76 and helping my dad bowhunt in Utah Wastach not to mention being in many other elk areas hunting other game if I could pick a tag for anywhere I would pick archery NV jarbridge (units 72, 73 & 74) over anyplace else.

Keep in mind I was there in Mid October. Draw odds if you have over 5 points are actually not that bad. I can't help much since I was there so late but I wanted to share this here for any fellow bowhunters who have some NV elk points.

From: dmandoes
What unit r u trying to steer us away from?

From: Reload
Very generous of you Mr. Vathome offering up such intel on a coveted tag. I think we can all appreciate someone being considerate of others on a hard to draw tag. A sincere thanks

Crap shoot with less than 10. I had 15 and didn't draw. Ed F

From: nvgoat
Gorgeous country. For archery hunters make sure you research the season dates as they moved it too early in my opinion. Season ends August 31 so not much rut activity.


If the Nv. bow elk seasons don't end very early like that, then they Share the last week of the mid-September end date with the opening week of the Muzzy Deer hunters.

That really surprised me, so for sure, double check the Bow elk dates and the Muzzy deer dates before appling and drawing.

What a zoo that was the last week of the bow elk hunt with the opening week crowd of muzzy deer hunters!

From: DonVathome
I had no idea the season was that early. I just know what I saw was amazing and I did not get deep. I started finding elk sign at 2 miles and at 3 elk. I shot a smaller 6x6 on my way out the first day I hiked in because I did the math and if everything went smooth after butchering I would have 2 full days of nonstop hiking dawn until dusk to get an elk out! Mine took 10 hours with only 20 minutes of total breaks.

Once I got in I worked a ridgetop for over a mile. It was solid elk sign nonstop. Fresh and old crap, beds, tracks, rubs everything. Unreal. I saw zero cow elk and another guy from Utah who went guided I spoke with a lot also saw no cow elk. This made me think calling would be easy.

From: DonVathome
Also I will never apply in NV again I drew deer desert sheep and elk so it is pointless with waiting periods and squared points. Not complaining I only had 9 points so drawing the big 3 in a decade is fantastic.

Hence my open sharing otherwise I would be quit:)

I had a muzzy tag there 4 years ago. Tons of bugling bulls and I couldn’t help myself on the first afternoon. I took a nice 6 point at 25 yards.

From: Treeline
Sitting on 18 for elk and Cali bighorn. For some reason I’m at 17 for desert bighorn.

With a good Wyoming elk tag in my pocket, not looking for another elk tag.

Still hoping for a lucky number in a sheep draw!

From: whiter16
Thanks for being willing to share.

From: Wishedhead
If you wanted to hunt mid September do they allow u to use lesser weapons in firearm seasons like some states?

From: elkstabber
NV does not allow the use of bows during muzzleloader season.

From: Beendare
How many days did you hunt DonV? One?

From: Willieboat
Pretty incredible place to hunt elk......had a archery tag in 15 and never saw a cow elk !

From: trkyslr
I heard they all left that’ area and headed south

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