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STICKFLINGERS is expanding!! (Video)
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Stickflingers 06-Mar-19
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From: APauls
Awesome good on you bro! Now new hunters won’t have to book 5 years out to get in with one of the absolute best in the business

Thanks for sharing, gets the blood flowing for bear camp. Good luck

From: Ibow
For me, that’s my favorite part of bear hunting. Running the baits, checking cameras.

Great video - thanks for sharing it and all the best in your expansion!

From: TallTines
Stickflingers bear camp is a special place. Big bears and great guides. I can’t wait to get back up there.

From: M.Pauls
Exciting times! All the best with the expansion Ry

Just so everyone knows, the new camp will be set up for bowhunters even though it's an all weapons camp. The idea was to be able to cater to groups where there might be a non bowhunter tagging along. The area has been very under hunted in years past so we have big expectations. Accommodations and food will be through a lodge that operates as a Bed & Breakfast. Only 6 hunters a week will allow for lots of area per hunter.

Looks amazing

From: TK
Hi Ryan, I am guessing the area in the Ducks you are talking about in your video is the country you picked up from Tom. I can tell you first hand it is a special place. I have hunted it many times and can say with out hesitation it is the best place I have ever bear hunted. Congrats to you on acquiring it.

Hi Tom! You hit the nail on the head! Thanks for the message. We are very excited to be in that area as of 2020. We'll be in there with Tom this spring learning the area and excited to have him joining us each spring to guide. Perhaps we will cross paths in years to come and share a campfire?

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