Sheep in 20A, Alaska
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wkochevar 06-Mar-19
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From: wkochevar
Does anybody have any info on 20A in the Alaska range? Most interested in availability and quality of rams, and competition from other hunters. Talked to an outfitter that operates there and since it appears to be a general season tag just doing some due diligence. Thanks Kip

From: thedude
Its probably the most popular area in the state for residents to hunt on a general tag. There are a few CUAs that the guide will likely be operating in which can limit ATV based hunters but I would expect company unless you hunt late during moose season.

Availability and quality of rams varies in that range. I would look up Alaska harvest data for horn length and talk to the bio. The bio for that unit is also a sheep hunter so take the info with skepticism.

I'm firmly in the camp that any legal ram is a quality animal. As long as your in shape and can shoot you should be able to find a legal ram if you have enough time.

Since you are going guided, it mostly depends on the outfit you are going with. They probably have their own airplane and secret landing strip, or already placed a camp and "claimed" an area. If you trust your guide you should be fine. 20 A is right in between the 2 most populated areas in Alaska so it gets plenty of attention.

From: DonVathome
I think Braun Kopsak guides in there. Great reputation.

From: Nick Muche
Braun does not guide in 20A, he’s in the Talkeetnas. Anyhow, 20A has one of if not the highest population of sheep in the state. Depending on who you’re booking with I’d guess you’ll have a great hunt if you’re in shape. Good luck!

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