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Mt Lion Hunt on " The Outfitter"
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t-roy 06-Mar-19
EIStone 06-Mar-19
bowhunter24 07-Mar-19

Wanted to share the results of a no frills video of my Mt. Lion Hunt in Idaho.

I found a camera for a buddy of mine, ask him if he wanted to go on a winter vacation and this was the result by the show which is edited.

This was slot of fun doing and more importantly and memory forever.

I thank Sam McCuin for having the time to edit and fine tune our attempt on a filmed hunt.

Lots of fun!


TREESTANDWOLF's embedded Photo
TREESTANDWOLF's embedded Photo

From: t-roy
Very nice, Rich! Congrats!

The dog riding on the atv reminds me of my cat hunt. We had super deep snow, so after I shot my cat, my outfitter had me hold one hound in my lap and he put the other dog in front of him on the snow machine for the ride out. It was a bumpy trip and the front dog kept losing his balance. He would try to catch himself and kept hitting the kill switch on the handlebar!

From: EIStone
I think that is one of the best videos I've ever seen, really like the cat being stuck up in the tree and the guide climbing up after it I have never seen that before. Also the country is beautiful, will have to look up this outfitter for a hunt myself, thanks for sharing

From: bowhunter24
I was getting butterflies in my stomach watching him climb that tree...that was worth an extra tip for sure!

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