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Frost seeding in the snow?
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JSW 06-Mar-19
BOHUNTER09 07-Mar-19
t-roy 07-Mar-19
JSW 07-Mar-19
MQQSE 07-Mar-19
Deerplotter 07-Mar-19
From: JSW
Since I only had one day to do it, I ended up spreading the clover seed that I wanted to frost seed on top of 6" of snow. Have any of you done this before? Will it work?

I’ve done that. It gave satisfactory results.

From: t-roy
Depends on the condition of the snow. If it’s fluffy or wet snow, it works great, but hard, crusted snow, not so much. Winds can be a bit of a factor as well. Strong winds could blow the snow (and seed) around somewhat. If it stays put, it will be ideal. Another plus for frost seeding on snow is, it’s easy to tell where you’ve been. If you got some warmer (above freezing) temps after you seeded, even better. Seems like the seeds melt down into the snow somewhat and holds them in place. The biggest negative could be, if the snow melts quickly, you could lose some of the seed in the runoff, but you will get some of that irregardless if it’s snowmelt or rains.

From: JSW
Thanks for the comments. I originally planted white clover and I frost seeded red clover so it will be easy to see how it works.

We have had excellent results. Good luck.

From: Deerplotter
Just average results here in MN. Like T-Roy stated lots of variables.

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