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Bow cases
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From: longspeak74
Decided to keep my bow for another season, but would like to upgrade my case. The one I currently have, I am unable to put my quiver in. I'd like the next one to be able to house my bow, quiver and additional arrows. Any recommendations?

Just go to Walmart and get one of their hard cases for 20 bucks. Quiver goes in just fine if you get the thick Dosko. If your traveling get the SKB double.


beckerbulldog's Link
Lakewood cases are the best.

From: Franklin
X2 Elkman

From: Buck Watcher
A few years ago I bought a Plano Single SE case (does not have the "pillar" supports in the middle). It fits my bow with quiver attached. Wally World had them on clearance last spring for $19. Now I have a back up.

From: Buglmin
I recently acquired an HQ Issue bow case, and I'm impressed. I've used Plano cases for years, but because I'm flying a lot now and wanted something lighter then my SKB. HQ case is built extremely solid.

From: sticksender
What do you intend to use the case for? Storage at home? Airline travel? Driving to hunt locally in your vehicle? Shipping your bow?

From: SoDakSooner
I've got an SKB single. It will hold everthing needed. I just use for car travel, but definitely protects the bow. I made some cutouts for the stabs and my quiver with arrows fits in the spot designated for arrows. I have no complaints.

From: Bou'bound
Skb double

From: Lone Wolf

From: pinkfletch
Pole Mountain if you can locate one as they went out of business. ENKIUSA.COM appears to be the same case. Pricey but great

From: longspeak74
This will mainly be used to throw in the back of the truck. I don't plan to fly anywhere for the next 5-6 years anyway. Just tired of having the quiver separate, I know it's a small issue - but it's just one more thing to deal with in my book. Currently have a cheap Plano.

From: milnrick
I've traveled with both the SKB and the Lakewood double bow cases several times.

I much prefer the SKB because I can fit the bow quiver, arrows. clothing, harness and a bunch more stuff and still be under 50#. The early model Lakewood was heavy. Though it could carry 2 bows plus quivers and arrows but would easily break 65#.

My thought is stick with SKB for travel and a Plano case for plain storage or local use.

From: midwest
Cheap Plano with the pillars works fine with a TS quiver on all my bows.

From: Trial153
I have a SKB but I am buying this also for times when I am not using my nomad

Pelican Air 1745 Bow Case 

From: t-roy
Pinkfletch X2. I glad I pulled the trigger on my Pole Mtn case when I did. Don’t know why they went out of business. Occasionally one shows up on eBay, but rarely.

From: c5ken
If your going to travel (fly) suggest a SKB with wheels & TSA locks.

From: Buffalo1
c5ken x2

From: Bou'bound

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