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Winning antelope help
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Josh T 07-Mar-19
Tennhunter 09-Mar-19
Franklin 09-Mar-19
From: Josh T
Planning to take my two teenage sons on a father/ son antelope hunt this fall. We have two points which im going will get us into a unit with high odds. Not looking for trophies but a buck is preferred. New to antelope and could use some guidance on a good unit. Willing to pay reasonable trespass fees as well. Thanks in advance!

From: Tennhunter
Josh check Wyoming’s game and fish web site very helpful and also it costs a bit more but look into special draw units with your two points finding a small to avg goat will not be hard at all also remember to look at public access when looking at the map hope y’all have a great trip

From: Franklin
It is very easy to find a good 60- 70" goat in just about any decent goat area. Even in heavily hunted easy draw areas. It takes a little leg work to get on private property which is the best way to go. Phone calls and emails will eventually lead to either access or tips to find it.

We eventually got in contact with a local who was brokering access for local land owners....then it was a piece of cake.

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