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Grizzly runs past / towards film crew
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From: Huntcell
I was impressed how much ground and how quickly the bear traveled in what seem to be a moderate stride .

Was it in full out attack mode didn’t seem to me . But sure rates high on the pucker factor scale.

From: Jaquomo
Have a link?

I'm impressed too imaging it like this. I might have a different impression if I could see it for myself though. :^)

From: Glunt@work
All I see is white...polar bear in a snowstorm and everyone is wearing white parkas maybe?

From: Huntcell

Huntcell 's Link
Oops missed first time around.

Try this

From: midwest

I think I’d thrown down that bear spray and got mean. Instead of act like a sissy. :^)

Seriously, the dude did good. He had the opportunity to see it coming and was able to prepare and execute his defense. Good stuff

Was the guy in a fenced in area? It was tough to see from the video.

From: LINK
Guy did good and he likely didn’t need to do anything. The thing the strikes me is how fast that spray dissipated abs drifted off. I’m sure had she kept coming she’d have gotten another dose but I think the only way I’d trust my life to a can is if there’s a good friend next to me ready to shoot once she crossed the fence.

From: Lost Arra
I'm probably wrong but it looked like momma had previous experience with bear spray

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