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From: Bou'bound
What would you say is the single more important piece of equipment to you being successful in your hunting. The piece that, over others, you would over-spend on and make sure there are no compromises.

From: fran
My bow!

Sharp cut on contact broadhead that flies true .

From: midwest
Tried to come up with something. It all really comes down to desire, drive, preparation, etc. If I had to narrow it down to a piece of equipment, I guess it would be a reliable vehicle to get me to where I wanted to hunt.

From: Buskill
Quality binoculars have really helped me .

From: Zebrakiller
For me I think it has been the internet in the last 15 years I can narrow down a good hunt fast talk to more people and get more info than I ever have before , I this has helped my success the most


From: Trial153
Good binoculars

From: Rocky D
Rangefinder has been a game changer in closing the deal.

From: 1boonr

My body and mind. I have and will continue to kill things with cheap stick bows, wood arrows, and two dollar used broad heads. Up through customed rifles and handloads that cost big money per round. I’ve worn sweat pants up through high dollar clothes. I e stood on limbs and hunkered beside brush. I’ve set in high dollar heated blinds too. Point I’m making is it cmmes down to nothing more then my determination to hunt and the ability of my body to do so. Everything g else is just luxury

From: Brotsky
I’m not killing anything without my bow regardless of how good or bad I may be..even in Walmart Camo!

From: nmarchr
Binoculars. I live in NM and most of my time is spent glassing big country. I can’t think of anything more important than my swaro’s.

From: Bowboy
The bow!

From: BigRed
Binos… You can't hunt what you can't see!

From: Shrewski

From: sticksender

I'd say the Turbo Diesel, but I threw my last two bucks in the back of the Camry. Tough to beat a pair of boots that functions like expected, whether that's warm, dry, breathable or all of the above. Blisters can really drop the morale

Hands down, my tree stand safety harness and lifelines. They give me the piece of mind, and utmost feeling of being safe whether I’m climbing up, leaning over for an awkward shot angle, or climbing down until my feet are back on the ground. Knowing my wife, my dad, and my kids all have the same setup in place, allows me to know we’re all getting home safe...and you can’t really put a price on that.

It's boots or optics and it's not close.

From: TrapperKayak
The weapon of course.

From: LINK
Definitely my ozonics...;)

From: SBH
OnX Maps...Been able to confidently go deep into some areas that I never would have ventured without it in the past. Have killed with different bows, clothes, glass etc but OnX or similar gps with ownership has made a big difference for me.

From: Bake
This question was posed about a year ago, and I said GPS, for SBH reasoning above. But now I’ve been tinkering a lot with OnX, and haven’t been using the GPS.

I hardly ever hunt without my Binos and a belt knife. I think I’d probably have to say Binos and bow

Quality binocular rangefinder combo

From: South Farm
The bow of course. Otherwise you're just camping or out for a walk.

From: 12yards
My release. I suck without it and wouldn't kill much probably. LOL. Everything else I could still be a killer with cheaper stuff.

From: dirtclod Az.

From: Ole Coyote
Safety harness never leave the ground without hooking up, so far have never needed it THANK GOD!! Hunt smart be safe.

From: Ironbow
Great binos. I can shoot a cheap bow or expensive bow and kill stuff, but binos are hard to skimp on.

From: JTV
the BOW... you cant BOWhunt without one, if I cant get around 300+ fps with my 400grish arrows @62-64lbs, I dont want it ..... beyond that, Rangefinder and a good release, binos, arrows/BH's

From: sitO
My "Bow'd up" blind and tracking spiders

From: Glunt@work
Cough silencer

From: Jaquomo
A comfy, warm sleep system. A well-rested hunter is a good hunter.

From: x-man
Besides the obvious weapon, I do all of my hunting on the ground, ambushing on the downwind side of trail funnels. I haven't used a tree stand in decades. I haven't used binoculars for years but, since I sit motionless for 3-4 hours at a time, I NEED a comfortable stool.

From: APauls
Really depends on the species and topography. Honestly I don't think there isn't a piece of equipment where average won't cut it. The only thing I might say where average won't cut it is cold weather clothing for cold November sits.

From: Burly
Good pair of boots.

Bowsite changed the game for me!!! Hunt

From: PECO
Primos Hoochie Mamma

From: grossklw
I'd have to 2nd HUNT, bowsite/internet in general has helped me the most. I've met some great buddies on here and have killed elk because of them for a variety of reasons.

From: MarkU
My new right knee from four years ago.

Never leave home without it.

From: TD
Not sure..... have to consult with my Sherpas.......

Actually.... thinking about it now..... the most valuable piece is normally the one I forgot....

From: Whocares
Good Peco!!

From: Heritage
My eyes. But since that is probably not what you mean, I would go with my climber. I love being mobile, and comfortable.

My brain. Can have all this fancy expensive shit, but if ur brain can’t keep it together you learn real fast money don’t buy skills

From: bigswivle

From: JusPassin
The arrows, any bow will throw one, but only a perfect arrow will make a perfect shot.


From: Ermine
My binos

From: Zim
It's not a single piece of equipment, it's the preparation. The blue collar guy with a Bass Pro, cheap brand bow that knows how to tune it and has put thousands of arrows through it will always out perform the insta-famous celebrity who barely put a handful of arrows through Hoyt's latest carbon Ferrari. The will to prepare is everything..."fear the man who has but just one rifle, for he knows how to use it".

From: PECO
I believe the Basspro brand bow, Redhead, is actually made by Bowtech, so it IS better than the latest and greatest Hoyt or Mathews carbon Ferrari.

From: trophyhill
Bow hands down. Next is pack. It's all gravy after that......

From: Dikndirt
Nothing has made me more successful than my HECS suit

From: caribou77
12yards beat me to it.... my release. I can shoot all kinds of bows. But my release... that thing took my target panic away.15 years panic free.

From: bonehead
spousal permission

From: Dave B
Looking back at what either failed me or let me down over the years and it revolves around cold temps and getting cold on stand. Modern clothing systems and tree stands have made huge advancements. Learning how to properly layer with clothing systems is a game changer, combined with use of "hot hands" all the time/everytime out, makes me more effective on stand. Even if it 30 degrees out, I have one in each pocket of my sense in being even remotely cold out there. Modern stands like my lone wolf setups make me not have to worry about stands making noise at the wrong time. One of my best hunting buddy's moved up to IL from Mississipi and swore up and down on the quality of his summit stands. One season in below freezing temps and they are all replaced with lone wolf now. Half dozen blown chances cuz your stand squawked will make you rethink your brand.

15x binoculars and tripod... game changer. Ed F

From: Matt Rehor
A large black dunkin coffee:)

From: Bigpizzaman
Bow/release/arrows/broadheads are obvious choices. Clothing/rain-gear/boots keep you in the field longer but? Range-finder/optics can be helpful. Number one “thing” that I’ve contribute success to is not an object or a piece of hunting gear but PREPARATION!!!

From: Smokedinpa
Range finder

Grunt call.

From: Matte
My huntomatic 90000 Xl. Ozone system, scent dispersal system, mineral feeder, corn feeding coon catchen. Has the rattlemattic doe bleat enhancement option as well. I can true spin my arrows and get my thwack em six blade cut on contact broadhead obsidian sharp. Fits in a nice duffle bag but weighs a ton with the extra car battery I have to haul in my fifty yards to use it. I have never been busted deer come in on a string and the big bucks can't resist it. I think I'll try and use it elk hunting in my UTV and just drive country roads until it's thermal actuating sensor text my cell phone to let me know there is no game in them there hills. Good luck y'all. Yee Yee!

From: Woods Walker
TP and Wash N' Dri's!

From: ahunter76
My 3 blade Rocky Mountains I've used 45 years now

From: PECO
Woods Walker for the win. I do not skimp on TP, only the softest, most absorbent TP caresses my crack. It is always in my hunting pack. It should go without saying that hand sanitizer and a few field wipes accompany it.

From: ohiohunter
Tight fitting matching camo... including socks!

From: Tdvorak
That’s a great question. It really makes me think of ONE piece of gear (although some posters didn’t really go with the “gear” part but still gave good answers). I guess the bow has got to be it for me. I gotta deliver the arrow with power, speed and consistency.

From: Kodiak
Elk--Good boots and a comfortable bed.

Whitetail--a solid treestand.

Turkey--A good blind

Antelope--a good blind

From: huntr4477

From: Bou'bound
Seems like there are three buckets of items

the terminal tackle itself

the gear that keeps you comfortable and in the field

the gear that helps locate game

From: Nick Muche

Oh Willie

From: GF
I guess you sure can tell who is putting his faith in his equipment instead of himSELF.

JMO, you can’t kill anything that you can’t get to or can’t find. Boots & binocs would go a long way.

I have zero reservations about hunting Elk with a bow that cost me $150, brand new, in 1990. I have a ‘67 Thunderbird that cost me $65, used, and the only reason I wouldn’t hunt Elk with it is the #44 net draw weight.

I have no qualms about broadheads costing $35/ six; no worries about the straightness of the cheapest Aluminum Easton makes. Camo is a joke. You could hunt in a Magnum, PI shirt and the animals would never know the difference. All the “digital” Camo is designed to fool NVGs and Suckers, so unless you’re hunting after legal hours (and the Elk have NVGs), I hope that stuff is comfy enough to make it worth your money.

No, I do not believe that I am some kind of Super Hunter; just a guy who has been at this long enough to know that I’m my own worst enemy and that there is NOTHING that I can buy that will put me within range of a deer or Elk if I don’t get everything else pretty much right on my own. And a side of good luck never hurt anybody.

From: Whocares
Vodka, maybe?

From: Tdvorak
Great job Nick

From: Scoot
Single most important piece of equipment that has resulted in more punched tags than any is probably the condom. It's allowed more guys the free time to hunt than any other gear.

From: Woods Walker

Woods Walker's Link
Condoms? RIGHT!

So THAT'S why the Arizona Desert Bighorn Sheep Society at their recent fundraiser event had a live auction with a "His" package and a "Her" package, and the item for the "His" was a VASECTOMY! Makes sense to me!

Not sure if this qualifies as Equipment but for me it is my physical conditioning year round.

If I can't get there to the game/species I am hunting, then I don't need any equipment!

Good luck, Robb

IMOP there is no right or wrong answer. However, I think the question goes much deeper. For me it's desire. The desire to get out and be in the woods before sun up and to watch the sething sun. The desire to be the best hunter I can be. Through preperation. The desire to consistently put meat in the freezer hence providing food for my family. The desire to be as profeciant as I can possibly be in respect to the animal I am hunting. The desire to experience God in what he has created and given us the ability to enjoy.

From: Stryker
When elk hunting in Wyoming I’m pretty sure I’m going to have my bow and license but one item I never go without whether packed in or day hunting is a way to filter water.

From: Woods Walker
Oh, just be like Bear Grylls and recycle your urine!

From: TEmbry
I feel like a weapon is too obvious of a choice. Excluding that, it would be boots for me. I hunted for years in “good” boots that didn’t fit my feet and suffered for it not knowing any better. I couldn’t believe the difference when I upgraded to boots that actually fit my feet.

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