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Aluminum Rain 09-Mar-19
Buskill 09-Mar-19
Aubs8 09-Mar-19
Trial153 10-Mar-19
Bou'bound 10-Mar-19
Xraydave 10-Mar-19
Mertyman 11-Mar-19
Can anybody recommend a moose outfitter in Newfoundland. Looking to do a hunt in 2020.

From: Buskill
Pick one that hunts away from the road system and flies you in . I used Ironbound . I’m sure there are others as well .

From: Aubs8
Dean MacDonald...moose valley outfitters

From: Trial153
Dean is fantastic. I will be back up with him this fall. He might be booked up for 2020 but give him a call.

From: Bou'bound
Dean as well. Six trips for me with MVO I will PM you some details

From: Xraydave
I went with Moose Valley last year. I highly recommend those guys. Great guides,great hunting and a truly wonderful experience. Was successful but it was a rifle hunt. Am booked again for 2020.

From: Mertyman
Bou, can you PM me the details as well? Thanks.

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