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Alaska or NWT/Yukon??
Wild Sheep
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jtelarkin08 09-Mar-19
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Charlie Rehor 10-Mar-19
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Kurt 10-Mar-19
Mark Watkins 10-Mar-19
From: jtelarkin08
I am getting ready to put a deposit down on my first sheep hunt for 2022.. I am currenty looking at outfitters..

Jonas in Alaska.. If i booked this hunt I would book the Sheep and Grizzly combo hunt.. I have heard his area has a lot of bears in his area and he is the one Alaska outfitter I would Consider bowhunting with..

My other Option would be NWT/Yukon.. If I booked a hunt there I would most likely do a Sheep/Caribou hunt.. Also if I did this hunt I would probably need to book it out another year for the extra expense.. I know there are a couple of outfitters to look into for this hunt..

Any advice for me??

From: Treeline

Either of those would be fabulous hunts.

I was lucky enough to get to go to the NWT several years ago for sheep and caribou. It was an incredible hunt in amazing country.

Pick the hunt that feels right for you. Get and stay in good shape.

Some great advice on the thread “bowhunting thinhorns”

From: Slate
Nahanni Butte Outfitters for sheep and caribou

Check the P&Y Record books for entries in the Dall category. NWT has the most entries. I also hunted with Nahanni Butte for my hunt. Good luck and have a great hunt.

From: Jims
I am blown away at the price tag of those hunts...especially if adding multiple species! It wasn't too terribly many years ago guided sheep hunts were $12 to 15k! Wow...$22k+ for a sheep hunt!

I would expect a remote sheep-grizz combo in the Central Brooks would be an incredible experience. It sounds like lots of rams in Jonas area. I've always dreamed of NWT hunts. Each is a little different and likely has it's own advantages/disadvantages.

From: Dale06
Prices sure have sky rocketed. I hunted sheep in the NWT about eight years ago. It was $14000 and $2000 trophy fee on my caribou. I was rifle hunting and shot both.

Bowhunting sheep is a very different game than rifle hunting sheep. I would say the type of terrain you hunt would be the most important thing to consider. Independent of which outfitter you use, Go somewhere specifically that has had multiple years of bowhunting success.

From: Shrewski
That is such a personal question. If I was answering for myself it would be NWT without a second thought as I’ve sheep hubted in the Yukon and hunted all over Alaska. I want to experience the NWT.

As I’m sure you have found already there are very few sheep outfits that LIKE to take bowhunters. Interview as many previous Bowhunters as you can wherever you narrow down your search to. From what I know you have made a good pic so far in Alaska.

From: Kurt
NWT has fairly high success rates for bowhunters based on my research and experience. Bet a lot more of the Bowsite members that have arrowed Dalls have done it in the NWT compared to Alaska....excluding Frank Noska of course!

Arctic Red River, Gana River, Canol (was Ram Head), McKenzie Mt, Lancasters (two areas, forget the names) and Raven's Throat all have excellent reputations. I understand they are also booked out 2-3 years in advance for bowhunters in most cases, as they limit the number of bowhunters they take each year. Don't wait too long to book, even if you are looking at '22.

Advice to go to the Sheep Show is spot on, as you can meet most of the McKenzie outfitters there...but that is next Jan 23-25, 2020 in Reno, NV (I assume Reno as the website didn't list the location.)

From: Mark Watkins
I've had the pleasure (and the pain) of 7 (soon to be 8) archery sheep hunts.

Kurt x2. Spot on!


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