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Vets hunting Muleys in CO unit 85
Mule Deer
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Iowahunter04 10-Mar-19
Scoot 10-Mar-19
donnybowhunter 17-Mar-19
Quinn @work 18-Mar-19
TrapperKayak 22-Mar-19
From: Iowahunter04
Hello all. I'm new to forums in general but this fall some other veterans and myself are going to try our hand at hunting muleys in CO. It will be 2nd gun season and on public, but just looking for any helpful information to help find success. 2 of the vets are disabled combat vets so any info would be great! Thank you!

From: Scoot
I wish I was helpful but I really don't have any useful information to offer. I wish you guys lots of luck and want to say thank you to the vets for their sacrifice and service.

bowsite archery site

From: Quinn @work
Try monster Muleys . Com. Thanks for your service, good luck

From: TrapperKayak

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