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This is my question? I have been stand hunting for a lot of years,,,,, I watch all kinds of video, on You Tube.... The system seems to be quiet and light, but it seems like a lot of screwing around, to get set......

You never see anyone doing this, with heavy clothing on etc........ so for you saddle hunters, how much stuff do you carry and screw with?

I have yet to see a simple video, at least a good one, that shows, someone going up a tree, and without a lot of stuff...... I was thinking of using a saddle with my sticks

so do I just use the lineman belt as I climb, and than set the tether when I get to my spot, and clip on?

I don't want to be throwing ropes over limbs first, and what about limbless trees,,,,

any direction you can send me would be appreciated,,,,, most u tube shots, show the climbing, without being attached to the tree, which I do not like

however, seems like a saddle is a heck of a lot safer, than them safety harnesses, you have to deal with,,,,

From: Nick Muche

Nick Muche's embedded Photo
Nick Muche's embedded Photo
I’m not sure if you are single or not but my grandma is and she lives on the Horicon marsh. Here’s a photo I snapped of her in her tree saddle on a Kansas deer hunt. She really enjoyed it.

From: midwest
I'm going to give it a shot this year as well. Building my own ultra light sticks, platform, and saddle. Yes, you climb with the lineman's harness, then set your tether and clip in. You'll need something to set your feet on and there are several options.

Some good resources are DIY Sportsman on YouTube,, and

From: Huntcell
What an outstanding offer, in the field personal assistances, a couple new hunting areas....... Nick for Bowsite helper of the year.

From: JTreeman
Yeah, he is quite the peach.


From: APauls
Every time I research the saddle I determine that the end result of the system is not that much different than a LW hang and hunt. ANd I just feel like I can be quieter and won't have anything cutting off crucial leg circulation in the cold. It seems like to be comfortable with a saddle most guys who really like it are bringing in sticks, the saddle, and a small "tree stand" for resting their feet on. So in the good old end doesn't seem that different.

From: darralld
I have a couple trees that I just put sticks on & use my saddle when I want to hunt that area. Climb up, wrap my strap around the tree & hook up. It is kind of a pain in cold weather. You don't really want to wear your jacket in & get hot. So giving yourself time to cool off & put your jacket on before you climb works best. Someone needs to design a jacket that would work to put on after you have the harness on. It wouldn't be that difficult to have something for your straps to go through.

From: SaddleReaper

SaddleReaper's Link
Ground hunter

Take a look at the link... lots of good info covered there.

APauls.... a good saddle system will blow the doors of off a LW system. I can guarantee you that. And as for cutting off circulation to the legs..... not true. There is no circulation concerns, in fact the leg straps could be darn near removed.

From: jjs
darralld, check Pnuma Waypoint out.The safety line comes in through the back of the jacket if you hunt out of a stand.

thanks for all the good information,,,,, the reason I asked, is that I talked Saturday to an arborist at a gun show,,,, he said he would never use any of them safety harnesses they make for bow hunting, their killers,,,,,, told me to get a seat harness for safety and ease, no matter what

From: Single bevel
The climbing part isn't much different with saddles compared to hang on stands. I hunt private land and use bolts or screw in steps. The foot system is where the biggest difference is. Some guys prefer a ring of steps. Some like mini stands like the Predator for run and gun type hunts. I love my Predator. I also like pre set homemade stands. No stand system is perfect. They all have plusses and minuses. But Ive been bowhunting from trees for 49th seasons. Saddle do take a little bit of a learning curve and personalization, but, overall, saddles beat stands, hands down.

From: TD

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It's much the same in many regards. You have to climb the tree somehow, no matter the system. Steps, climbing sticks, ladder, etc. If you don't have a tree prepped to climb then yeah, you use the linesman belt. No reason you can't use a safety line/tether, several of ours are prepped with safety lines. Pretty much all exactly the same as a tree you're putting a stand in for the first time. You just don't have to haul up the stand after climbing and strap it in. You're there, tether to the tree, done. If the tree is prepped you don't "haul" anything, The actual saddle you wear it to the site. Anything you haul is for climbing, as you would have to anyway.

We were having stands stolen left and right on private property, plus poachers were actually hunting out of them too. Started using saddles because of lowlife rip offs. But now we love em. Can have a dozen trees prepped in an area and decide that morning which to use. A "stand site" is just the labor to prep the site.... no investment in a stand. Can swing around to many shooting lanes and angles, you look more natural as you can use the tree to cover you in many cases, you are "behind" the tree. It's a more "athletic" way to hunt for sure. That can be a good thing or a bad thing, depending on the hunter.

I think your friend is talking about safety belts like rock climbers use instead of regular tree stand safety harnesses. My tree saddle is more like a hammock you sit in.... I don't think you could fall out of it if you tried. I fall asleep in it all the time. I don't do all day sits in it, but 3,4...5 hours is easy.

There is a learning curve to set up, it's critical. Check the link to the saddle hunter forum. Days of reading there and covers anything you might want to know about them.

From: Shug
Pm sent...

From: darralld
jjs, saddle straps come out the front about where the pockets would be & make a V in front of you to hook your carabiner too.

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