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Another boot request thread - help!
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welka 11-Mar-19
jjs 11-Mar-19
BC173 11-Mar-19
PO Cedar 11-Mar-19
treepasser 11-Mar-19
Ucsdryder 11-Mar-19
houndy65 12-Mar-19
Eric Vaillancourt 14-Mar-19
Capra 14-Mar-19
BIGHORN 14-Mar-19
welka 15-Mar-19
From: welka
Looks like Cabelas discontinued my boot from last 5+ years (Meindl Ultralight). It was one of the only boots that were 10" high and 6E. I need a super wide boot to fit orthotics and also need the 10" height for ankle support. I know it's a tough request and I have searched a bunch, but am coming up with very few options. Any one know of a hunting boot that comes in 6E or at least 4E that they have had experience with? Thanks.

From: jjs
Take a look at Red Wing Boots, they do make different styles of hunting boots or may do a custom via customer service.

From: BC173
You may need a pair custom made. If I were you, I would PM, Kota-man. He’s the authority on boots.

From: PO Cedar
Russell Footwear...

From: treepasser
Rockies are junk now

From: Ucsdryder
Kifarucast did a podcast with a custom boot place, I believe lathrop and son maybe? Listen to the podcast. Might get you pointed in the right direction.

From: houndy65

houndy65's Link
Hoffman boots out of Kellogg, Idaho, you will not go wrong.

Lathrop and Son will do custom boots and they are great. I have a size 15 4e. Good luck

From: Capra
Call Lathrop and Sons, they can put together something better than the Cabelas Meindel and custom fit it.

Mine needed a bunch of stretching due to Hagalunds disorder, and it was not big deal for them.

Lathrop and Sons are the best!

From: welka
Thanks for the input. Already talked to Crispi and Hoffman. Neither have wide enough for what I need. I should have added that I need to add a zipper to get orthotics into boot and also have to put stirrups in sole for a brace. Was trying to stay away from high $$ since I have $$ modification that need to be made also. May have to bite the bullet!

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