Crimson Arrows on Audible:Thanks Bowsite
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From: Hawkeye

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Audible finally has an audio book under the 'Bowhunting' search function.....:)

Wanted to sincerely thank all of you who supported this venture and took the time to read a few stories from an Iowa boy who grew up chasing dreams.

Thanks Bowsite!

From: INbowdude
Congrats Eyad!

From: kota-man
Nice, very cool!

From: Duke
For any of you who have yet to read Eyad's book it is definitely worth your time. I haven't heard it, but assume it would be just as good to listen to. Robert Redford should have narrated it! Well done on both accounts, Eyad and Bowsite!

Congrats Eyad, you earned it buddy.

From: Lost Arra
Eyad: who chooses the narrator for an audiobook? You? Publisher? I'm an audiobook fan and the narrator can make or break a book in audio format. I've just heard the sample so far but yours sounds like a good one.

From: Inshart
Well done Eyad, I sure hope this goes for you ..... Yes, his book is a great read.

From: Hawkeye
Thanks guys! Audible has definitely taken off the last few years and I hope it opens more people to the bowhunting.

I was surprised how many non-hunters enjoyed the book and said, "I didn't know bowhunting was like that etc" so I hope that continues.

Bob-you are spot on regarding the 'voice' being the key to keeping someone's interest. The publisher found him after looking at a few options....including me:0

It is way more challenging than I thought and I'm really grateful that Richard took on this project. He does an amazing job with ascents and intonations. We even incorporated some grunts and gobbles :)

If you guys get a chance to listen to the excerpt--or the book--would love to her what you think.

Thanks again!

From: drycreek
I read your book on my phone last season while hunting deer and hogs. Very entertaining !

From: Rickm
Congrats Eyad. Very happy for you!! Obviously read the book, gonna have to give it a listen.

From: midwest
Good on you, Eyad! Going to have to check it out!

From: Bowboy
Congrats Eyad! I have paper book great read!

From: Hawkeye
Thanks guys:)

From: T Mac
Well deserved congrats Eyad!

Just signed up and have been listening to Crimson Arrow. Makes me want to go home and shoot my bow. I am not going to get any work done until i finish this audio book. Shame on you guys gettin me hooked.. :)

From: capehunter1
Eyad is one of the best guys out there! Huge congrats Eyad! Well deserved!

From: Scar Finga
Congratulations, and I loved the book! Very well written IMHO.

Good Luck and God Bless!

From: Hawkeye
HI Bowsite. I was surprised to receive an email just now from the publisher with 10 free downloads of the book for anyone interested in listening to it and giving their feedback. So, I thought Id ask Bowsite :)

Shoot me a PM if interested and I can send you the code and link. Its just uner 9 hours. For those who have bought it I cant tell you how much appreciate it! But if you haven't yet....shoot me a PM :)

From: Bowfreak
I finished up Eyad's book this weekend on Audible. It was a very interesting read and I truly enjoyed the listen! The main reason is that this book reminds me so much of myself. Like Eyad, I have a passion to shoot anything with a bow and the whitetail and turkey will always be special to me too. There were a lot of great hunts in the book, but my favorite part was the story about the Polaris Ranger. Wow! I won't expand as I don't want to play spoiler.

I have never met Eyad personally, but because of this site I consider him a friend. There are many cool hunts you will read about in this book but the overlying theme for me was how well Eyad is grounded and the fact that the most important thing to him on this Earth is his family.

From: Jaquomo
I am listening to the audio book now and it's excellent. The narrator really gets the mood and the drama of the experience, and his inflection truly brings the hunts to life. He even does grunt calls and other animal calls! I highly recommend it for those long drives to hunting or scouting.

From: midwest
Really enjoying it, Eyad....thanks again!

From: Nick Muche
Same here! Appreciate it as well!

From: Ron Niziolek
I thoroughly enjoyed the book and share a common bond with Eyad and his obvious passion. I'm a hard copy guy who likes to hold onto the things I read, but the audio book was very enjoyable too! Well done!

From: INbowdude
I read the book (twice, actually). I then got the audible. Wow, was that cool. Not only did I get the chance to hear what I read but more importantly, it evoked memories of similar hunts I've been fortunate to have gone on as well. Very cool and worth the money any day of the week. Well done Eyad!

From: eBike John
Congrats Eyad! I may have to re-open my Audible account

From: C. Knight
Appreciate all the work you put into this. Halfway through listening to it now, very enjoyable on the drive into and from work!

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