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bow-hnt 11-Mar-19
YZF-88 11-Mar-19
BIGERN 12-Mar-19
DanaC 12-Mar-19
From: bow-hnt
Well I waited and waited to be able to register for the “Total archery challenge” in Utah It finally came up and was sold out! What the heck! I check that event every day in a matter of hours sold out..... Anyways looking for some in Colorado to go shoot, any help on some shoots would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

From: YZF-88
Yeah that sucked. I was really looking forward to it with some friends. Archery is very, very popular. Now, if we can just get some of those instatgram guys to stop posting videos of where the deer are...but I digress. Sorry.

Buddy and I are doing the one at Killington in Vermont. Be our first one and can't wait for it. ( note to self; going to need more arrows).

From: DanaC
Check your Bowsite State forums for more shoots

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