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From: Huntcell

Huntcell 's Link
Was able to sign up for ARIZONA BONUS POINT FIELD DAY to be held the last weekend of March during the Outdoor Expo at the Ben Avery Shooting Facility. will move me up a notch for the elk sheep and deer draws.

the article I read said there were going to be 13 session during the March 30-31 event. average completion time is 1 hour

From: StickFlicker
You're coming all the way out here just for that, or were you going to be in AZ anyway?

From: Huntcell
Ya and ya

Extending the trip to take in the class And thought I'd let others know of the opportunity.

From: pav
Got my point in 2015 during the P&Y Convention in Phoenix. Thinking we were there more like four hours though. Can't imagine getting through all the field day training stations in an hour?

From: sk hoyt
I took it last year. We flew in and out in the same day. Took right at 1 hour but we were the firsts ones thru that morning.

From: midwest
The schedule the OP attached shows the class is 1 hr.

From: LINK
Thanks for the heads up. Only a few opening left for mid-day Sunday. If I’d caught it sooner I’d have signed up for Saturday or early Sunday. I’m thinking I’ll take the all day class in January. ;)

Wow they’ve streamlined that... did one in ‘09 and it was all day

From: wheels
Do they not go out and shoot .22’s anymore?

From: Elk369
Any dates on January class yet. Any close to NM line. Long way from Okla.

From: Demuth
Took it last August with SK and it consisted of shooting .22's, safe-handling and naming firearm actions, in the field scenarios and a test.

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