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Bowsite Search Engine
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KC9 14-Mar-19
mattandersen 14-Mar-19
MQ1 14-Mar-19
greg simon 14-Mar-19
Ucsdryder 14-Mar-19
SBH 14-Mar-19
cnelk 14-Mar-19
Z Barebow 14-Mar-19
Bowfreak 14-Mar-19
wild1 14-Mar-19
WYelkhunter 14-Mar-19
Bill Obeid 14-Mar-19
StickFlicker 14-Mar-19
Maverick 14-Mar-19
XbowfromNY 14-Mar-19
JohnMC 14-Mar-19
'Ike' (Phone) 16-Mar-19
Huntcell 16-Mar-19
Bou'bound 17-Mar-19
'Ike' (Phone) 17-Mar-19
LUNG$HOT 18-Mar-19
XbowfromNY 20-Mar-19
Two Feathers 20-Mar-19
Hancock West 20-Mar-19
From: KC9
Just wondering if anyone else is having trouble with the search option ? Doesn't seem to respond to anything I search for.

From: mattandersen
I can never find it...

From: MQ1
Will not work for me either.

From: greg simon
Bowsite has a search engine???? Must be a small one. (Yes, I know where it is , just never use it because it does not work)

From: Ucsdryder
Bowsite search engine = (bowsite + “search topic”)

From: SBH
The one thing that’s missing on this site! It’s there but it may as well not be. That and for some reason when you do finally find the old thread you want...the pictures will likely be gone.

From: cnelk
Its a coal fired engine

From: Z Barebow
I have to kick start the bowsite search engine.

Follow ucs instruction above. Saves frustration.

From: Bowfreak
Use google. The old search function was simply awesome. I realize it ate tons of performance but man was it great. You could search by handle and find every post that person ever made.

From: wild1
It's the worst feature Bowsite has to (not) offer.

From: WYelkhunter
cant believe a site as good as this one has suck a bad (non existent search function)

From: Bill Obeid
I was hoping Pat had started this post.... and had good news for us

From: StickFlicker
How many times do we have to read this same post every few weeks. There is no functioning Bowsite search function. Pat clearly must have his reasons for not addressing one, since he never responds to these threads, so just use Google as everyone says on every one of these threads.

From: Maverick
Go to google and try this instead.... "Search topic"

Remove the quotation marks and replace the words "search topic" with the item you would like to search for.....

For example, go to google and type the following into the search bar...………… Unit 34 It will give you over 1000 results, all from bowsite, about unit 34.

From: XbowfromNY
This site needs Tapatalk

From: JohnMC
If bowsite had a search function, someone would not be able to start a thread about it not working once a week.

You’d think with the membership fees we pay it’d be fixed....

Lol! ;-)

From: Huntcell
When U go ‘Premiun Elite’ membership u not only get the calendar and BS belt buckle but also an exclusive PIN number for the inner sanctum SEARCH ~• feature .

From: Bou'bound
I have been searching for a functional search option in The site for ten years and my search has resulting in nothing searchable that resembles a search function that will allow for search

Soooo, you’re saying you’ve searched for it far and wide...Lol

“This site needs Tapatalk“

I hope your joking!!!

From: XbowfromNY
Lungshot- why would i be joking? it makes it easy to search and sort threads. no?

From: Two Feathers
I miss Pat's old search engine.

From: Hancock West
Usually to get a website "searchable" it takes an add-on either thru magento or another type of website software. Usually not free

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