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From: Will
Took my Hoyt Bow to the shop for a new String. Owner suggested a Vapor Trail over the Winners Choice. I am giving the Vapor Trail a shot and will see how it goes. What does everyone thing about VT over WC?

Also, I have a 31.5 in DL and the Bow is a 31. Can't make it any longer. Owner suggested we try to squeeze out a little extra. Possibly increase the loop 1/8-1/4 inch and take a twist out of the string. Do you guys have an opinion on trying to do this.

From: Bowfreak
Vapor Trail are good strings. They will serve you well. It is easy to add a 1/2" of draw to your bow. You can add twists to your cables to get 1/2" easily. If you didn't want the excess poundage that comes with adding twists to the cables you could add twists and back your limb bolts off. Both will add draw length.

Increasing your loop length doesn't change DL. It simply changes your anchor point. could have your loop lengthened way out to give you a comfortable anchor point but still have the peep way out in front of your eye and the bowstring too far from your face because your dl is too short.

From: sdkhunter
I put VT's on my Hoyt RX1 last year (and used them on other bows before too) and they are great strings....

Right now I would choose Vapor trail over winners but neither one of them is even close to JBK strings for quality and service, not to mention material options. JBK will build with Rampage, X99, 452X, and coming soon the new material from BCY 454. You can tell a lot about a builders ability by how many different material options he is capable of building with, and still providing rock solid performance. More options to the customer= Perfect application every time.

From: Bou'bound
Winners choice is so 1990’s. They were the gold standard. Now they just cost you in gold. Equal or better options out there at better prices. 60x is one of them

From: olebuck
i used Vapor Trail for 3-4 years, i switched to winners choice the last year or two and they seem to hold up better for me.. My vapor trail strings just always seemed extra fuzzy....

From: Buffalo1
I have used VT's in the past and found them to be quality strings/cables.

From: Hawkeye
VT strings have been great and the ship time is usually a day or two. Very professional and tremendous customer service. Probably had 20 sets in last decade and never an issue.

From: ki-ke
VT for me. same experience/time frame as Eyad. WC took forever to ship by comparison. Plenty of material/color choices. Need a question answered? Easy to get someone pleasant and knowledgeable on the phone. I can't find a reason to experiment with another company.

From: RutnStrut
WC is pretty much junk now days. They were my go to string ten years ago. VT makes great strings and if you need it has top notch CS.

From: Russ Koon
I've only used VT twice, but when I need strings again, I'll be calling them again. Ditto all above who said the quality and service was first rate.

From: No Mercy
VT strings are great. Never had any problems. Just put a Gen7 rest on my RX3 and really like that too.

From: Timbow
I've used Vapor Trail off and on for years. I've tried others just to experiment but keep coming back. They're the most stable and durable I've used in the last 10 years or so. I should have a new set here early next week.

From: WapitiBob
If the shop said they couldn't get another 1/2" outta that bow, I'd find a new shop or better yet, buy your own press and have it done yourself in less than 2 minutes.


From: rgb
Another vote here for VT - have been using them for almost 15 years, and have always been very pleased!

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