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Bear tracks or desjardins
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Guys looking at taking a spring bear hunt in 2020 and both of these operations look great. I am having a difficult time deciding? It will be a party of 3-5 - entire group have all bear hunted in the past. Any suggestions or info?

From: Bou'bound
Easy decision since you can’t go wrong

From: Big D
I've never been to Bear Tracks but I went to Desjardins last spring for the first time and even though I didn't take a bear it wasn't for anything except for I was looking for a color phase !! Alexis and April are the most amazing , friendly and honest people you will ever meet . Alexis will do everything he possibly can to get you what your after but it's out of his control what comes into the bait. And April's cooking is fantastic you will definitely put on a few pounds !! Definitely recommend the Desjardins.

From: yeager
Same as Big D, have never been to Bear Tracks, but have hunted with Alexis four times and have taken a bear each time, the last three P & Y. He definitely goes beyond what is required for a great hunt. I would also recommend losing some weight as you will surely gain it back, plus some extra with April’s fantastic cooking. Can’t recommend him enough!!!

From: Brotsky
I would recommend Desjardins. I've been to Bear Track and they are a good operation but if I had to choose between the two I would hunt with Alexis, simply has more bears and more color. The food and people are top notch at both places so that's a wash.

From: Brotsky
FYI....a tougher decision would be if you had to choose between Desjardin's and Plum Lake! Manitoba would have to give out 2 tags if I had to make that choice!!

From: Zebrakiller
Agree brotsky i sure wish Manitoba was two bear limit, todd i have hunted plum lake many times and it is awesome , i have never been with Alexis but he has always had posaitve posts and nice comments,

From: APauls
Stickflingers is also an option this year. Normally he’s been sold out forever but he got more tags. Hate to make it tougher for you but if I was you and wanted to compare a couple outfits I’d look at Desjardins, Stickflingers and Adrenaline Adventures. Lots of good bear outfitters in MB.

I know Russ from Adrenaline will be at P&Y if you go

From: lineman21
Give Adrenaline Outfitters a look. Great operation and a sponsor here as well.

From: Tradmike
I hunted with Bear Tracks I would go with Desjardins

From: DConcrete
Desjardins is just flat out awesome. Alexis and April are top notch people. I have a group of 4 of us coming this year with him.

Going back to Sleeve Lake this year, MB. Related to Desjardins, can't go wrong.


From: dgb
Went with Bear Tracks last spring. Ron pestered me for payment and told us on the drive up that he would see us mid-week. He didn't tell us he sold it to 2 young guys and he never showed up. The new owners were nice guys who worked hard but they didn't seem to know what they were doing. We went 1 for 3 although I did pass on one. I would not recommend them.

From: Ibow
I’ve never hunted with Bear Track but have been to Desjardins many times now. Far and away the best outfitter I’ve ever hunted with. Tons of bears, lots of colors. And when others mention the hospitality, Alexis & April just have a way of making you feel right at home. The most hard working, decent and honest people you’ll ever meet. Very relaxing atmosphere and the hunting just can’t be beat.

Other options have been mentioned. I’ll throw in one more in the event that Alexis is full - Craig MacCarthy from North Mountain Adventures. Also a relative of Alexis. You can find him in the list of Sponsors.

From: Mule Power
If I had to choose it’d be Desjardins. Nicest guy you could ever meet and to me it’s the people who make or break things.

From: jmail20

jmail20's embedded Photo
jmail20's embedded Photo
I've never hunted with Beartrack but can highly recommend Desjardins. The proof is in the pudding. Just look at the pictures on the website. Every bear shot is on there. Big ones, small ones and everything in between and just about everyone has a big smile on their face. (There are a few that never smile in a picture even when there happy, Lol!) Some guys are thrilled to shoot a 175 Lb colored bear while others want to hold out for big one. It's all about what makes make the hunter happy. Also, take a look at the trail cam pics and the large number of colored bears. Don't look for this one though. I shot him last year, last day, last hour.

Thanks guys lots of good information

From: grape
Desjardins is a Bear Hunters Dream. You can not go wrong.

From: MPN
Desjardins no question. Great bear hunting and even better people. Be hard pressed to find a better outfit anywhere.

From: Ollie
I hunted at Stickflingers three years ago and saw lots of bear, including many color phase, and shot my bear on the second evening. Going back again this spring, They specialize in bow hunters.

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