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Crispi Briksdal GTX
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wildwilderness 16-Mar-19
kota-man 16-Mar-19
I'm curious if anyone has any experience with the Crispi Briksdal GTX's.. I have the Crispi Nevada's and they are great. But I also have really bad ankles and if I can get a little more ankle support, i'll take it.. I've read they are a little more narrow compared to the Nevadas.. Any input appreciated.

I have the Birksdal SF and a wide foot. They fit just fine, and true to size.

From: kota-man
They have the narrowest last of the Crispi’s but not too narrow. The lacing system allows them to be widened out or sucked in narrow. They are not as stiff as the SF’s but fairly stiff. They will offer more support than the Nevada’s. If you like the Nevada’s the Guides are a great alternative as well and Offer more ankle support over the Nevada’s.

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