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Leaving boat on river
Whitetail Deer
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chasintheslam 17-Mar-19
Bou'bound 17-Mar-19
kentuckbowhnter 17-Mar-19
drycreek 17-Mar-19
Patapscomike 17-Mar-19
Jeff Holchin 17-Mar-19
JohnMC 17-Mar-19
extremevft1 17-Mar-19
In process of buying a new boat to get me around to some sika deer spots here in Maryland. was wondering how many leave there boat tied up on side on rivers and have issues with other people or how you lock it etc if there are no trees around I say this mainly cause ill be in marsh area for sika. thanks in advance

From: Bou'bound
You should not have tomeprry about yellow hunters stealing anything but are there other people in there for any reason.

I put a steel fence post in the ground deep and use cable and a lock if there are no large trees where i want to park my boat. have a few spots out there i have posts.

From: drycreek
I don't know where you've been Bou, but "hunters" steal stuff all the time. Hunters are people, with good traits and bad. There are hunters who hunt game, and there are hunters that hunt stuff to steal.

From: Patapscomike
The last thing you should worry about sika hunting is your boat being messed with. Tides can leave you stranded 1/2 mile deep or 5 foot deep in muck or lost all together finding your boat. Bring 10’ poles with flags and watch the tides. Good luck man it’s a blast

I have been lucky parking my boat on the river I hunt and leaving it for half day or more, no trouble. If no tree or bush to tie to, I sink an anchor in the mud and tie to that.

From: JohnMC
Try pulling the plug when you leave it. That would make it much harder to steal!

From: extremevft1
What an ironic posts, I just spent all day putting pods on our new sika boat. I guess I never thought about somebody stealing it! I’m with Patapscomike, I worry more about getting lost or losing water. The thought of sleeping in the marsh waiting for the tide to rise is terrifying, the mosquitoes down there are impressive to say the least!

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