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Stym23 18-Mar-19
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Bow Man 18-Apr-19
From: Stym23
Due to prior commitments and bad weather, I was unable to get up to my cabin in Northcentral PA this year to frost seed clover into my existing plots. I am planning on going up Friday and spreading the clover. The weather this weekend is as follows: Friday – High of 41°F during the day and low of 23°F during the night Saturday – High of 47°F during the day and low of 28°F during the night Sunday- – High of 56°F during the day and low of 35°F during the night Monday – High of 57°F during the day and low of 37°F during the night Tuesday – High of 54°F during the day with rain showers and low of 37°F during the night with rain showers Wednesday – Sunday will be the same as Tuesday with rain showers and temps above freezing. Here is my issue, do I just frost seed and hope the 2 nights of freezing and thawing along with the rain later in the week will push seed into the ground or do I rough up the soil, spread the seed and cultipack it into the ground. Also, there is a good possibility that that weather turns colder in April with many freezing nights. Any help on this situation would greatly be appreciated.

From: t-roy
Is it bare ground, or do you still have snow cover? Either way, you should be fine. Even if you get little to no freeze/thaw cycles, a lot of your seed will still sprout. The freezing/thawing helps to pull seed into the soil somewhat, ensuring better seed to soil contact vs just seeding on top of the ground. Another thing that you can do is seed it a bit on the heavy side. That won’t hurt a thing. It’s just a little more spendy.

From: Bow Man
Saw this too late to "help". The only thing that I can suggest is to seed during low temps and let Mother Nature do her thing.

Overseeding later is Ok and keeps from working the ground.

Good luck.

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