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Montana Moose , Sheep & Goat is up
Wild Sheep
Contributors to this thread:
Bigdan 18-Mar-19
Shrewski 18-Mar-19
kota-man 18-Mar-19
Bake 18-Mar-19
Bigdan 18-Mar-19
NvaGvUp 18-Mar-19
Bake 19-Mar-19
Deflatem 19-Mar-19
Bigdan 19-Mar-19
Treeline 17-Apr-19
Trial153 17-Apr-19
ELKMAN 18-Apr-19
BULELK1 22-Apr-19
jtelarkin08 22-Apr-19
From: Bigdan
I just got my 2019 Moose, Sheep, Goat. Antelope, B Elk, and B deer done good luck to all

From: Shrewski
Yuck. 7 NR limited units, and none of the ones I have targeted over the years are in the mix. Nothing is the 100s is available to the NR this year? Is there a rhyme or reason of which they pick to be available. I know it changes each year but how is that decided?

From: kota-man
Thanks Dan...You've become my constant reminder to get my apps. for MT in every year! :)

From: Bake
Thanks for the reminder Dan. I’ll put in, but for the first time ever I’ll hope I don’t draw. Fall is pretty scheduled already ;)

From: Bigdan
Bake never hope you don't draw a sheep tag long season short hunt

From: NvaGvUp

If you draw a MT Sheep tag, GO!

Whatever else you might have planned, any outfitter worth his salt will be happy to let you move back a year and several states will allow you to turn your tag back in.

From: Bake
Oh I’ll go. But my boss #1 (wife), won’t be happy. And my boss #2 (my secretary), won’t be very happy ;)

From: Deflatem
Getting a new wife is easier than drawing the Sheep tag, but you might not want to mention that till after you draw the tag. LOL... I drew mine on year #30.

From: Bigdan
You could have her pick for you to draw a tag our buy it at the sheep meetings for $300,000

From: Treeline
Got my apps in for MT.

At 17 for moose, sheep and goat so who knows?

Bison is also on the menu.

All in and buying 5 chances each for the super tags it's getting pretty spendy!

Good luck to everyone in the draws!

From: Trial153
In for sheep, moose and bison.....Montana, their website, seasons, licensing....its totally overly complicated. They really need a simplified system.

Worst there is. Hands down

Got mine done, pretty simple after all these years of applying.

Printed my license out so I don't have to go get it after the draw results.

Good luck, Robb

From: jtelarkin08
I have only been applying for goats in Montana.. I think I have decided this year to just let my points go away. Crazies seem to be on a downturn and draw odds are horrible.. I can book a goat hunt when I get ready..

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