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Kansas NR tags
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ground hunter 18-Mar-19
Catscratch 18-Mar-19
Thornton 18-Mar-19
Native Okie 18-Mar-19
Glunt@work 18-Mar-19
I see the bill that will allow private landowners to resell their tags, to NR hunters is moving forward........ what do you think?

From: Catscratch
Allowing private citizens to sell a state owned resource? I don't like the concept.

From: Thornton
Most residents are against it. We already had transferable tags back when I guided in 2005-2008 and there was a ton of illegal activity from nonresidents using them. All too often, wealthy nonresidents would just buy a landowner tag and hunt anywhere they wanted regardless if it was the unit it was legal for.

From: Native Okie
I’m a NR who hunts KS every chance I get and definitely back the residents on this one.

From: Glunt@work
We have that system here in CO. Guess what happens when you provide private businesses with valuable inventory at very little cost? Those private businesses work very hard to increase the amount of inexpensive inventory they get. As the amount of tags available to the public shrinks, their value increases and the cycle perpetuates its self.

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