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Idaho Unit 41 Late Buck
Mule Deer
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EasternBuckyNut 21-Mar-19
HUNT MAN 21-Mar-19
Mt. man 21-Mar-19
Brotsky 21-Mar-19
320 bull 21-Mar-19
I'm done with Idaho mule deer! I drew a slam dunk tag or so I thought. I drew The unit 41 mule deer buck tag in 2018. I was very disappointed. The biologists gave me information on where I should find deer, but the country you have to travel through to get to them will chew up and spit out your truck tires. I had 3 flats and had to replace 2 tires. I spent the majority of my time changing tires and going into town for tires. I Spank more time screen around the tires then I was able to spend on hunting. Lesson learned I guess. You definitely need ATVs to get around in this unit. I would guess you need to drive 20-30 miles per day to have any chance of locating deer in the barren desert habitat. The deer are definitely spread out in small pockets. I think I'll try my luck in Wyoming this year.

Good luck

From: Mt. man
Seen many dandy's in 41. I will put in again down there soon. That desert will chew your tires up. Several years ago I got wise and quit beating up my $50K crew cab F-350 on hunts out in that country and got a Honda pioneer. Best investment for SW Idaho.

From: Brotsky
Those cheap highway LT tires have no business anywhere west of the MS.

From: 320 bull
^^^^^^^ I don't know what you had but I learned 10 ply makes a huge difference

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