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3 or 4 sisters planting advice
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dizzydctr 21-Mar-19
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wildan 22-Mar-19
MilkweedManiac 22-Mar-19
Junior 22-Mar-19
From: dizzydctr
Each year I tend to waste time, money and effort trying something new in my food plots, and this year I plan to attempt a "Four Sisters" planting. I would love to have some advice with do's and don'ts from those who have attempted it in the past. I have in mind a 4 acre plot and a couple of 2 acre plots and have procured most of the seed already. My concoction will include 5 pounds of Trucker's Favorite corn, 5 pounds of rattlesnake pole beans, 3 pounds of butternut squash and 5 pounds of iron and clay or red ripper peas per acre. After working the ground I intend to fertilize as per soil test recommendations before planting and "side dress" with 150-200 pounds of ammonium nitrate when the corn is knee high. I toyed with the idea of planting the corn with my planter and coming back with the rest of the seed a couple of weeks later but I can't figure out how to incorporate the remainder of the seed, and to my knowledge, no herbicide would be appropriate. I guess I will broadcast the entire mix, cover it lightly and pray for the best. Any of you who have done this have any suggestions? This is liable to be a foolish, expensive endeavor so any advice that would contribute to its success would be appreciated. Thanks. Keith

You could apply Me2Lacholr pre-emerge herbicide. That would keep grasses and small seeded broadleaf weeds at bay for about 6 weeks while you main crops get started. I got mine at the local farm store

From: wildan
Corn doesn't like competition;I would plant it separate.I use round-up ready and spray when it is about 1' high.

My advice (since you're on the fence) would be to try the mixture/technique on a 1/4 acre off to the side for this year. Could even try your idea of over seeding the corn 2-weeks later on a separate, smaller plot and try that as well. If it does great, you have your answer. If it doesn't, minimal harm done and you still have your answer.

From: Junior
Id be careful using that much ammonium nitrate, unless you are for sure your going to get plenty of rain. The corn will be toast if it gets dry. I agree planting it separate. Also to make sure that plot see's plenty of sun.

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