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2018 CO Harvest Stats
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Destroyer350 21-Mar-19
Ucsdryder 21-Mar-19
Jaquomo 21-Mar-19
cnelk 21-Mar-19
Orion 21-Mar-19
Ucsdryder 21-Mar-19
fubar racin 22-Mar-19
Quinn @work 25-Mar-19
From: Destroyer350
Just a heads up, the 2018 Harvest Stats have been posted on the CPW website.

From: Ucsdryder
Can’t wait to dig through all the lies and false information! “Grin”

From: Jaquomo
Wonder if my unit with historic 6% success for decades will again miraculously jump to 22% again like it did in 2013?

From: cnelk
Really??? Did they finally start doing mandatory harvest reporting??

Oh wait.... just more SWAGs

From: Orion
Always love reading their WAG theories.

From: Ucsdryder
Jaq I make sure to put successful in your 6% unit every year. Oh and I hunted 2 days for that success! That should send a few more your way! ;)

From: fubar racin
I feel like the numbers in jaqs unit are fairly close this year, at least in archery season.

From: Quinn @work
It's amazing that these success rates are less than 10% for OTC archery? I have hunted many of them and been 100% successful when considering I could of shot or did shoot a cow or rag horn in them all.

There are just that many non-residents with no clue on what they are doing that skew the harvest rate. Don't be discouraged folks. If you don't draw in all the other elk states point those 5th wheels, pop ups, side by sides, atvs and OnX apps to Colorado. It's better than sitting home right? Good luck boys! We have the best dates for CO OTC archery elk we have had in decades. Get out there and make your dreams come true.!

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