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How many use a release for bowfishing
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Starfire 22-Mar-19
Feedjake 22-Mar-19
APauls 22-Mar-19
JohnMC 22-Mar-19
Shug 22-Mar-19
Smtn10PT 22-Mar-19
bowhunter24 22-Mar-19
Franklin 23-Mar-19
From: Starfire

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Starfire's embedded Photo
I tried it once long ago and didn't like it but recently went on a bowfishing charter while vacationing in Florida. Because we had flown I used his equipment, which were all AMS bows and reels. Anyway he had them all set up with QAD metal d-loops for a release. I was reluctant at first but towards the end was kind of liking it. Hook ups were pretty quick using a tru fire release that automatically closes when you let go the trigger. I was thinking about trying it on my bowfishing bow at home. Had anyone else had success that way? As a side note I got my first double (mullet). I don't think I shot any better with the release but no worse, I still usually miss most shots and missed a nice ray.

From: Feedjake
I've never tried it, but I shoot a recurve mostly.

From: APauls
I'm a recurve bowfishing guy

From: JohnMC
I do. I still use my first compound a Pearson Spoiler and a old release I don't have any use for.


ROUGHCOUNTRY's embedded Photo
ROUGHCOUNTRY's embedded Photo
Use trad bows since most shots are point blank anyway...…..who cares if you miss? Also, hands are constantly getting wet and slimy and bloody taking off fish. I think that would be hard on a release. I use a Teflon shooting tab that's waterproof. I wouldn't even want to use an expensive compound bow since I normally hunt from shore and the thing gets drug around the dirt and rocks taking off fish, untangling line and arrow etc...…...tip laying in water half the time and hot sun baking on it all day.

From: Shug
I think the action can be too fast and furious at times for a release.

From: Smtn10PT
I use a release on my bowfishing bow. Had the string slip out of my wet slimy fingers before and cost me a day of fishing.

From: bowhunter24
I use a tru-fire as well.

From: Franklin
I personally don`t but I could see it if was a long day with a lot of shooting. Your fingers get pretty sore after a ton of shots especially when they are wet and soft.

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