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LiveOutdoors 22-Mar-19
BullSac 22-Mar-19
rershooter 25-Mar-19
From: LiveOutdoors
New to this unit. Looking at a few forums and ON-X/Google it looks like there is some huntable (all-be-it rugged) ground north east of Ouray. By no means looking for exact info but just curious if anyone has experience in this unit. I have read the area North of Mt. Sneffels (i believe Ralph Lauren has a big ranch adjacent) has nice bulls but can be busy. Any information would be greatly appreciated. - Thanks!

From: BullSac
Hunted it 2 years ago. Was lucky and killed a small bull early on. PM me and I’ll tell ya everything I know. Go ahead and jump on the treadmill now tho, you’re gonna need it!

From: rershooter
Hunted it in '97 and had a great time. Went again in 2018. It was so scorched out dry. We bailed to a different unit after 2 days because of the number of people. There were so many guys in the wilderness it was crazy. In '97 seemed like we had the unit to ourselves if you got more then 2 miles from trailhead. Not anymore.

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