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crestedbutte 22-Mar-19
Huntcell 23-Mar-19
drycreek 23-Mar-19
Huntcell 24-Mar-19
From: crestedbutte

crestedbutte's embedded Photo
crestedbutte's embedded Photo
Does a GIF work on this site....let’s see shall we?

From: Huntcell
No GIF does not work on this site. Geez with only one arm and one leg he is damn lucky to be in the predicament he is in.

I say he does not make it out of that canoe without more bodily injures , life vest be damned .

From: drycreek
Huntcell, I call BS ! He's gonna do a standing broadjump, kinda hippity-hoppity thang there.........:-)

From: Huntcell
Ya I jumped to early conclusions. He got in ok, oh GIF will get out ok.

His dad BIF was the famous one legged guy that won all those ass kicking contest in the 60’s

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