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From: N8tureBoy
I hate having to shoot with glasses. They interfere with my peep and fog up at times. Thinking of getting lasik this off season. Just wondering what the pros and cons would be in terms of shooting.

Are you a good candidate? I have two eyes that I use every day. Beyond that I am no expert. I discussed lasik with one of the best in Vermont. She said I would get no benefit. Procedures change and she told me to ask again in a few years. I broached the subject again and she told me that It is still not a good thing for MY eyes. A good eye surgeon will be able to tell you what benefits you may get and what risks you have to consider. Good luck and ask an expert.

From: JTV
Ive been a contact guy since the late 70's ... Ive thought about Lasik for years.... my contacts work ... my eyes are the only ones I have, I have atigmistism in one eye, so I dont know how that would work ... I wouldnt want any screw ups of course .. it would be nice to wake up and not have to bother with contacts... being able to see/focus from the second I wake ...

From: grossklw
It’s easily the best 3k I’ve ever spent in my entire life, and that is not an exaggeration. It sounds stupid but it just takes a giant headache out of life. No contacts to screw with on hunts, vacation, or reaching for glasses first thing in the morning. You won’t regret it if you’re a candidate.

From: Buffalo1
Greenmountain raised a great point- are you a good candidate? If you are not, you do not need to pursue the procedure.

I had the initial procedure (both eyes) and had great success. About 8 yrs after initial surgery, I had an enhancement on right eye. My sight pins were blurry. Enhancement cured that problem. I had lasik set up for left eye for distance and right eye (dominant eye) set up for close-up and reading.

I enjoyed no glasses for about 15 wonderful years. As I aged, I started needing readers to see print in low light conditions.

Then a couple years ago, the Big C surgery (cataract surgery was performed on left eye. I am back to wearing corrective lens/ & readers left eye (astigmatism) and a fake lens/ & readers in right eye.

All and all it was good money spent and I throughly enjoyed no glasses. I wore glasses for 44 years prior to lasik. After lasik, clarity and depth of field were unreal. I paid for the surgery through 'Prepaid insurance deductions" which meant I did have to pay for the surgeries, but I got a tax write off for the surgery because of the prepaid tax deductions.

Even at my older age, I am blessed to still have 20/20 vision. However, there is a cataract on the horizon in my right eye.

From: Scar Finga
I did it years ago for an eye injury, and it was worth every penny! However, you can only do it so many times before you are done. Your eyes will degenerate and then you will be back in glasses just like I am now. If you don't really have to have it done, I wouldn't!

If you choose to do it, don't go with the cheapest bidder so to speak. Find a REALLY good optometrist, and have them refer you to a Lasik specialist! Do Not cheap out on this, you only have one set of eyes, treat them like the precious resource they are!

Best of luck, and God Bless!


From: JTreeman
I’ll echo above, best $3k I’ve ever spent. Slight astigmatism in one eye so not quite perfect after the surgery (and I knew that going in) but otherwise I was an ideal candidate. I’m starting to need the readers now, but that was gonna happen anyway. I would do it again in a heartbeat!


From: HDE
My wife did it back in 2017. She had the most powerful prescription you can have and now has 20/20. We went with Coleman Vision in Abq, NM quite frankly about the best in the world as he is one of the ones who pioneered the procedure. People literally come from all over the world to have it done there. The procedure took about 15 - 20 secs per eye total elapsed time of about 2 min.

Before he sees you though, you have to go through your normal eye doc first.

I've been wearing contacts since around 2000 when i was in Jr high. I asked my eye doctor about them 2 years ago and he said I'd be a perfect candidate if I wanted to spend the 3-5k on the procedure. So far, I can't bring myself to spend the money but I know quite a few people who have had it done with perfect results. If you are a good candidate, I'd say go for it. The procedure has gotten even better in the last 5 years ago or so my eye doc told me.

I keep saying I'm going to do it. I know lots of people who also echo what's said above about it being the best 3k ever spent. I can't wear contacts except for short periods of time for water sports. Trouble is I have bad astigmatisms in both eyes so I think I'll still end up wearing glasses, but it'd help me tremendously if I ever lost my glasses in the back country or if there was a home intruder in the middle of the night. My current Rx is -5.25 which is pretty bad.

I got the initial consult last year and the guy said I had plenty of cornea to zap, but said I'd lose some night vision for 3 months and it was too close to hunting season, so I never went through with it.

I dunno, I think I'll always wear glasses anyways because I can get 20/12 vision with glasses and they say you'll only get 20/20 with LASIK and I like having really good vision for mountain hunting.

From: Bradford
Had lasik 15 years ago, best $ I’ve ever spent!

From: Bradford
Idyl, I got 20-15 with Lasik, and that was from my eye doc, not the Lasik doc.

From: Royboy
My only issue was it didn’t fix my lose vision so I have readers. I had blurry pins so ended up with a verifier lens in my peep which cleared up the fuzzy pins. Not a perfect situation as you could get water and or dust on that lens if you don’t keep an eye on it.

From: Nick Muche
Do it. Now. Best thing you’ll ever do.

From: Owl
My wife was corrected to 20/15 but now uses readers. I was corrected to 20/20 with an astigmatism in my right eye. Best money I spent. It lasted 15 years but this past year my vision slipped a bit and I'm back in glasses. Not a candidate for correction (and it seems correction is where a higher percentage of side effects lurk). That sucks but there are much worse things in life.

From: DanaC
Talk to your optometrist first, ask who he recommends.

From: N8tureBoy
Spoke with my eye doc and she said I am a candidate. I trust her opinion since she doesn't have a horse in the race. She gave me the name of someone she recommends.

Just wondering how it would affect my shooting. I use a peep sight and shoot with both eyes open. Buffalo1, you had dominant eye set up for close vision and other eye set up for distance? Anyone else do it this way? If not, are your pins still in focus if dominant eye is set up for long range?

From: Amoebus
They can laser both eyes any way you want - both for distance (you will probably eventually need readers), both for close (not sure if anyone would do this) or one for close and one for distance (this wasn't recommended when I explained that I do a lot of hunting/birding/fishing). I got the first choice and it has been really, really nice.

I don't drink or do drugs so the experience of having your eyes 'unzipped' and flipped up so they can laser the cornea was quite remarkable. Once they prop open the flap, you get an incredible jumble of lights because it isnt getting directed as before. Just unreal.

Eyes were sensitive and dry for a period after. I hated glasses so this was well worth it.

From: Flatlander_2
Had it done in 2001. Best money I’ve spent. There were several other people I worked with that had LASIK around same time. Seems like at least half of those people were not happy with results. It did seem like the people with heavier (stronger) correction, were the people who were not happy with results. My correction was lighter in comparison.

From: wild1
I was one of the first wave of people who got lasik, back in 1997. I went to a doctor who did all the surgeries for other doctors, I paid a full 4k for my procedure - 22 years later, it is, by far, the best money I ever spent!! Not one regret and couldn't be happier!


From: Buffalo1
“Buffalo1, you had dominant eye set up for close vision and other eye set up for distance? Anyone else do it this way? If not, are your pins still in focus if dominant eye is set up for long range?”

After the enhancement, I no longer have any issues seeing my pins.

Get a good eye doctor to do your surgery, do the eye drops following the surgery to prevent infection and you do just fine.

I bought some swim goggles to protect my eyes when taking a shower following the surgery. Used them till my eyes healed. Followed the same procedure with the swim goggles when I had the cataract surgery. Really helps taking the stress of if not getting soap or water in eyes during healing.

Best of luck- it will be money well spent.

I got it done 15 or more years ago, best thing ever! I had it done for distance and now need readers some of the time, (over 60 now).

From: huntr4477
I also had mine done in 2001,best decision I ever made! I paid in cash,$1700. It was amazing to wake up for work the following morning and be able to see the time display on my clock radio across the room! I still reached for my glasses every morning ,out of habit,for probably the next 6 months. The first season of hunting without wearing glasses or contacts was like a dream come true!

From: creed
I had Lasik in the late/mid 90's. If I had to do it over again there is no way. Lots of side effects, especially night vision. My eyesight constantly changed, dry eyes, sensitivity to light and allergies really kicked things up.. I had two enhancements that worked short term but within a year I was back to losing vision. Cataracts came along and I had lens implants that solved the distance vision problems but created the need for readers.

Having said that I know lots of people that have had great long term success with Lasik. I was not one of them.

From: TSJ
I talked to two doctors a few years ago about it, they both told me I would need glasses for reading afterwards with my age, i was probably late 40’s at the time. I don’t have any problems wearing contacts, i’m 52 now and still don’t have any issues with reading.

From: gobble50
Eyesight was VERY poor (-800) got Lasik ($1500 both eyes) and now see like an eagle. Wonderful - no cons.

From: Ken
I had it 8 years ago. Pros - no contacts and no glasses. It improved my shooting because I had a problem with consistency when going between glasses and contacts. And contacts made my eyes dry after being in the woods or glassing all day.

I have experienced no cons with lasik.

From: svrelk
Had it done by Icon Lasik in Denver almost 10 years ago. Best $ I've ever spent.. needed contacts/glasses since 10th grade..have 20/20 & 20/10 vision in my eyes now. No regrets at all.

From: g5smoke21
I would say do it. I had it done 2 years ago. My eyes were terrible (-7.00 and -7.50). It took 2x on my left eye which is dominant and my right eye isn't perfect but it sure beats dealing with contacts while remote hunting. I have thought about getting my right eye re done but my eye doc told me it may be beneficial to leave it since it's not dominant so in the future I may avoid reading glasses

From: mgmicky
Nick Muche x2!

From: LKH
Mine lasted 20 years and is still pretty good but I've recently developed cataracts and use glasses for long distance hunting but not for everyday use. Not needed for shooting or close stalking, just for picking out fine details at long range.

From: Archer1775
I have not yet got it done but I am planning on doing it within the next couple of years and have heard nothing but good things.

As for specifically how it would affect shooting I was in the Navy attached to a Marine unit for 5 years. They ENCOURAGED Infantry Marines to get it done. These are people that shoot for a living. I do not believe it will have anything but positives benefits. Just my .02

From: South Farm
I had Lasik performed in my dominant eye (for distance)...and did nothing with my other eye (for close-up vision/reading). This Lasik process is called "Mono-vision". The first couple years were awesome...exactly what I hoped for, great sight at all distances!

Here's the "Cons" of my procedure:

1. Can't pass a CDL eye exam because when I cover my Lasik eye for distance I can no longer read the chart...that means my driver's license MUST state that I need corrective lenses...problem is I don't wear corrective lenses (whole point of getting Lasik, right?!?), but if I'm pulled over without them I can be ticketed. Problem #1

2. As my close-up vision (in the eye they didn't work on) continues to degenerate, it gradually diminishes (makes "fuzzy", for lack of a better term) my OVERALL eyesight. What this means is I don't see great at any distance any longer, but rather mediocre at all distances. Problem 2

3. Can't use Binoculars when you have mono-vision. It doesn't work, but who knew?!? Problem 3

3. Due to the problems listed above I am now facing the choice of living with things the way they are, or having my other eye worked on, which means I'll see perfect at a distance but require glasses for all close-up work. So, glasses again:( Problem 4

Looking back (no pun intended) if I were to do it all over I would've had both eyes done for distance and got glasses for reading.

I had lasik done in 2013. I was still on active duty and had it done for free in Ft Belvoir, VA.

It was the besting I ever did. I had an astigmatism in my right eye and was nearsighted in both. The surgery was pretty freaky but when i got off tge table I could clear see the wall clock without glasses.

The recovery wasnt to bad. It took several months before i could drive at night or watch a movie in the theater. Driving at night through town was brutal because of the lamp post lights (bright, dark, bright).

I also had dry eyes for about 18 months.

At the time i was shooting a recurve instinctively. I pretty much had to start over because my depth perception had changed.

5 years later im still good. However i need reading glasses and there isnt anything they can do about that.

From: Bobby
Best money ive ever spent as well no question about it . Truly a miracle

From: KB
I had my consultation two weeks ago. Set up the procedure for mid April. Sounds like I’ll dish out a little more than most, but the center comes highly recommended by an eye doctor friend and another recent patient of their’s. Resigned to the fact I’ll need readers eventually, but I’ve been looking forward to it for years as I spend about half the year on fishing boats and living out of my pickup/backpack while hunting. Not really a conducive lifestyle for corrective lenses.

From: buzz mc
I had it almost a year ago to the day, April 6, 2018. I love it. My wife and I had it done at the same time. I made a joke with the lady going over the procedure and asked if it'd sound like throwing a steak on a hot grill when they zap me. In a real hushed tone she said, "No, but some people have said it smells like burning hair". My wife and I both noticed the smell when it was being done.

I've had a lot of the same recovery experiences as Thunderflight; night vision issues for a month or so, dry eyes (mine are just now getting better and I'm able to cut back on the drops). I also shoot some traditional, but my shooting got better. I don't know if it was the surgery or what, but my shooting has dramatically improved. I am wearing reading glasses but was told before the surgery that at 47 years old, I would probably have to. I can see just fine at arms length, so I can still function without them, I just have to hold my menu away from me.

I love being able to wear any sunglasses I want. Being able to use binoculars without issues has been a game changer. It was totally worth it to me and I wish I'd done it years ago.

Best money I've ever spent!!!!! Had it done almost 20 years ago and still going strong.

From: Hunter II
I had it done last fall on Halloween and killed a deer 2 days later. My night vision is better than it was contacts. I use readers now but my distance vision is nearly 20/10. Have your doctor give you a set of contacts and try monovision. I tried it for a year and didn’t care for it.

From: ChrisH.
I had lasik done in 2014. It corrected my astigmatism and now I have 20/10 vision. My contacts always irritated my eyes and I hated wearing glasses. I was so nervous before the procedure (like sick nervous) but I am so glad I had it done. It is so nice not worrying about contacts or glasses on hunts. Get checked out and see what the doctor says. If they say you’re a good candidate, you should do it. You won’t regret it.

I had it done 15 or so years ago in the el cheapo lasik vision traveling semi truck that made a loop thru Omaha, Kansas City and St. Louis. I think I had both eyes done for 1800.00 total. I was very near sighted since I was a kid and wore glasses and contacts for years. It turned out to be the closest thing to a true miracle in my life. I sometimes forget that I even used to wear glasses. My vision hasn't noticeably changed and I haven't even had an eye check up since. (stupid) My mother recently had cataract surgery and after reading the above comments, I'm going in for at least a checkup. I used to have trouble seeing the alarm clock and stumbling around at night, camping etc....

I remember being very nervous after the surgery about getting my eye poked before it healed. I'm told that it's not detectible that someone has had modern lasik after enough time has passed. I just turned 47 and still don't require reading glasses and pinch myself when I think about how happy I've been with my results. If I have to wear reading glasses at this point, I'm all for it. My takeaway is the right candidate will be VERY HAPPY with the results. I just remembered that I did have slight dryness for a couple months after and starburst effect at night for a month or so. Both went away on their own but were a little scary at the time.

From: Bowman
As other have said it was the BEST thing I ever did when I had it done in 1997. I went from not being able to see anything 6" from my face and out to a half hour later never needing glasses again. I did get my right eye touched up a couple of years ago so I could see my pin a little clearer and it worked perfect. "even though my wife said it was a waste of $400.00 to do this just so I could see my pin better, I am glad I did it" I wish I could have done this when I was younger for all the money I spent on glasses and contacts.

From: Tilzbow
I had it done when I was 38. By 45 (probably sooner) I was wearing reading glasses. I have astigmatisms in both eyes with the left being pretty bad. I hate having to wear glasses in the field. Sweat, dirty, reflections, using optics, etc. all the down side of wearing glasses. All that said, still one of the best things I ever did and I'd do it over without questions. I did use the best surgeon in town and probably spent 30% to 50% more than some other options. But they're my only eyes....

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