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Vortex Broadheads and American Archer
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Ward's Outfitters's embedded Photo
Ward's Outfitters's embedded Photo
Vortex Broadheads is proud to announce our new partnership with The American Archer.

From: Bowboy
Tom Nelson is a good guy to partner with.

I watch his show... I am sure he is a nice guy, but come on,,,, can not determine wind without the wind gadget, can not get deer, without ever calm, have to have the grim reapers, and on and on,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, the show is a sponsor commercial. ad nauseum

but heck, I would do it too, if they would pay me to hunt those spots,,,,, and can not forget about the tree buddy, how did I ever hunt without it,,,,

a little tongue and cheek, again I am sure he is a great guy, but honest observation from a viewer,,,,,,,

now I guess, it will be the vortex, ,,,,,,, If someone pays me, or gives me free heads, I am shooting them too

From: Beendare
I can't stand watching a show...or listening to a broadcast where they are trying to work in a name brand product in every sentence. Tom Nelson is the epitome of that.

Subtle placement is so much more effective, IMO

From: drycreek
No sponsors, no tv show. That's how that works.......

From: Forest bows
You guys seem jealous

From: Boreal
I met him i n The airport in Bozeman last fall. very nice, down to earth bowhunter. I sell things too. Doesn't make me a bad person.

From: Bowfreak
Tom Nelson is one of the good guys IMHO.

From: kota-man
Spent a week with Tom and his crew in bear camp a couple years ago. Great guy, one of the good one’s in the industry for sure.

From: midwest
People still watch hunting TV? ;-)

YouTube is where it's at.

From: Starfire
Advertising is everywhere in our society. Its one of the reasons things cost so damn much.

From: DConcrete
LOL if companies don’t advertise, how the hell do you know they exist??

From: Beendare
I get the whole advertising is everywhere thing....but there is a way to do it and not do it.

Tom holding a deodorant stick in his hand and droning on boring me to tears ain't it.

Hey Tom, time to get into this century....subtle placement bro.

From: jdee
+1 Midwest ......Dall sheep hunts with Arctic Red River Outfitters and a whole lot more on YouTube connected to the Samsung Smart tv.... good stuff !

From: SteveB
This is a Bowsite sponsor promoting his products. I say keep the negativity away......geez.

Agreed Bruce.

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