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For all you horn hunters out there
Wild Sheep
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Cazador 23-Mar-19
Jaquomo 23-Mar-19
Bowboy 23-Mar-19
sneakem 24-Mar-19
IdyllwildArcher 24-Mar-19
Quinn @work 25-Mar-19
From: Cazador

Cazador's Link
CDOW has posted the 2018 stats for sheep, goat, moose etc including horn measurements and population estimates.

Good luck.

From: Jaquomo
Thanks, Chad. Maybe this year all those valuable weighted points will pay off for me... :-O

From: Bowboy
I think this year is Lou's year for a moose tag.

From: sneakem
Goat locations are all messed up... G15&16 are all G12 locations... numbers of G12 locations are G16....

Hopefully they will this year or next year, Lou

From: Quinn @work
"For all you horn hunters"??

LOL. From the guy who kills a B&C ram with his bow on a rifle tag in a sleeper unit! You da man Caz :)! Hey bud, if I was a sheep I'd be glad you are on your waiting period!

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