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Nikon Monarch 5 8x42
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T Mac 24-Mar-19
cnelk 24-Mar-19
IdyllwildArcher 24-Mar-19
Bou'bound 24-Mar-19
lewis 24-Mar-19
Paul@thefort 24-Mar-19
Bowfinatic 24-Mar-19
Hancock West 24-Mar-19
Tlhbow 24-Mar-19
planebow 24-Mar-19
Julius Koenig 25-Mar-19
From: T Mac
If you own would you buy again? Looking to use deer and elk hunting.

From: cnelk
I have the Monarch 3 10x42s and would buy them again

I do and absolutely. The glass is one of the best bang-for-the-buck binos out there. Great glass for in the woods, but I wouldn't want to be looking farther than 1 mile with them. 1-2+ miles is 10x42 territory.

I still use them for tree-stand hunting. If you're going to be hunting open country mule deer and elk, get 10s.

From: Bou'bound
Yes excellent value for the $279 they will cost. no such thing a good binos for that price, but for that price they are the best you'll likely find

From: lewis
X2 cnelk Lewis

From: Paul@thefort
Yes I would also. I have the Monarch 5 10 x 42 and also the Prostaff 10x both, for elk, deer, pronghorn etc.

Nikon sent be a new pair of Monarch 5 when I scratched the lens, under their NO Fault policy. Good value

Absolutely would Great binos!

From: Hancock West
I have the Monarch 5 - 10x42 & they are awesome.

From: Tlhbow
I have the monarch 8 x36 great glass for me. Would buy them again .

From: planebow
I had an older pair of Nikon Monarch's 10x42s that I sent in for repairs and they sent me a New pair of Monarch 5's 10x42s. I like them a lot.

I have some. I trialed some Maven B2 9x45 and could justify buying them for the difference. Mavens were better low light, but in plain light, I couldn’t tell a whole lot of difference

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