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Freezers and Generators
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Rob in VT 24-Mar-19
Kurt 24-Mar-19
bb 24-Mar-19
Plum lake 24-Mar-19
pirogue 24-Mar-19
From: Rob in VT
For those who take a chest freezer and generator on your hunts, curious what size freezer you use for a bull moose and what size generator you use to power it?

I’m going back to Newfoundland this fall and thinking about going this route. Looking at bringing a 21 cf chest freezer. Looks like a 2000w generator will power it, but I not 100% sure on that. Would like some advise from those who have done it.

Thanks Rob

From: Kurt
Brought home a boned out northern BC moose....big critter that had a 4' wide rack in a Maytag chest freezer that was smaller than 21 CF......would have to measure to be sure of size but I'd guess 16 or 18 CF. Ran the freezer off my Honda EU2000i generator. Note that the Maytag freezer pulled the generator down less on starting than an old 6 CF freezer I had years ago. The Maytag is already about 15 yrs old. Good luck....hope you need the freezer!

Good luck.

From: bb
Check the tag on the freezer, It should tell you how many amps it draws. Multiply the amps by 120 volts that will give you the watts that's required to run it. Example: if it draws 8 amps, multiply that by 120 volts = 960 watts. Your generator would need to provide at least 960 watts plus there will be a surge when the freezer motor starts up, it's not a lot but it's there. The generators usually have a rating listed for a surge.

From: Plum lake
If you plan on bringing the cape back, it takes up about 5cf of the freezer. We take a 5cf freezer full of food with us on our moose hunts. Once the moose is down we empty what's left of the food into a cooler and then put the cape in freezer. You'll have plenty of room for a full moose and hide in the 21cf. We run the freezer and all lights and everything off a 1000 watt Yamaha generator.

From: pirogue
Honda 2000 generator is plenty.

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