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Bear in the Judiths or Lil Snowies?
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Fizzy 25-Mar-19
Blakes 25-Mar-19
SBH 25-Mar-19
LKH 25-Mar-19
Cut2Kill 25-Mar-19
SBH 26-Mar-19
From: Fizzy
Hey, all. New to the forum and Montana (Billings). Anyone ever do any spring bear hunts in the Judiths or Lil Snowies? Have some friends and family out there that get pics on their game cams every once in awhile, but don't know if it's worth the trek. Would rather head to Custer Gallatin as I've heard some good things out there. Thanks

From: Blakes
I lived in Billings back in the 90's and hunted spring bear in the Little Snowies. Never got one but had a great time trying. You can hunt turkeys at the same time...

From: SBH
Way more bears in the Custer Gallatin.

From: LKH
Your big problem will be access. The Snowies have very limited public access.

From: Cut2Kill
Virtually zero public access in the Judiths.

From: SBH
Sounds like he has access already with his friends? I would be more into elk hunting over there if it were me. There are bears for sure and some big ones too so it just depends where that access is I guess.

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