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Twistlok or fliplock on tripod?
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TD 25-Mar-19
Charlie Rehor 25-Mar-19
Matt 25-Mar-19
tkjwonta 25-Mar-19
butcherboy 25-Mar-19
PECO 25-Mar-19
Franklin 25-Mar-19
Drnaln 25-Mar-19
smarba 26-Mar-19
Southern draw 26-Mar-19
Nick Muche 26-Mar-19
Brotsky 26-Mar-19
elkstabber 26-Mar-19
TEmbry 26-Mar-19
TD 26-Mar-19
Tilzbow 26-Mar-19
From: TD
OK.... been stalking a new spotter tripod for some time now and now looking at good deals on a couple. Lightweight carbon, backpacking, etc. they are in the 2lb range. Good reviews.

I have several pieces of equipment (pressure washer extensions, etc.) that have twist locks and others with clamp type locks. Have had several problems with twist locks. Dirt/corrosion in the threads, overtightened, etc. frozen, or threads stripped, not holding, etc..... far less issues with clamp type (lever or thumbscrew). I will go so far as choosing one product over the other in some cases becasue of it.

I have a set of carbon trekking poles with fliplocs I love, have never had any issues with them at all. A friend with (much cheaper) twist locks have had his slip.... and when you REALLY put weight on them is obviously when they slip....

Ok... getting to the point... Most of the carbon tripods are going to twistlocs. I can see why, they are lighter than fliplocs and folks looking at carbon anything are obviously going to compare weights of make and models head to head. I prefer fliplocs, the tripod I'm looking at with them they want about $50 more. And yeah, I'm..... frugal.

Have anyone had any issues with twistloc legs on carbon units? Guaranteed it would be the downhill leg that slipped and dumped my optics off the ledge.... do they last as long, i.e. do the threads on the twistlocs wear? (I only plan on doing this once....) If all's good I'm not against saving an oz or two.... as well as $50 more I have permission, er.... budgeted for other stuff....

Glad you have the required “coach, sign-off”!

From: Matt
Twists work better going in and out of packs. That is my preference. Don't like em on trekking poles but do on tripods.

From: tkjwonta
Agree with Matt, twist locks on tripods and flip locks on trekking poles. Want the speed/ease of twist locks on tripod. Want the strength/durability of flip locks on trekking poles.

From: butcherboy
I prefer flip locks on tripods and trecking poles. I can unlock and lock the legs on my outdoorsmans tripod pretty fast and they are small enough that they don’t catch going into my pack.

From: PECO
I would not pay up for flip locks on the tripod.

From: Franklin
For me it`s flips hands down....for me they are the fastest. I flip all locks the legs drop instantly to full length....flip only 3 and they drop instantly to half length. Very quick to get a scope on an animal.

I also like the flips because once they snap down there is no doubt they are locked.

From: Drnaln
Flip locks work the best for me!

From: smarba
I like twist legs on tripod. Much faster IMO. Twist and pull to length I want, not flip, flip, flip. Although in the grand scheme of things it USUALLY isn't critical to get a tripod set up fast. Have had a relatively inexpensive twist model for many years with zero issues as far as threads/twist feature failing.


From: Nick Muche
Flip for me on both. The only two items I own with twist locks have both went tits up and are a PITA to work with so I leave them at the desired length and never collapse them.

From: Brotsky
Flip here as well on both, especially trekkers. I would never trust twist on my poles.

From: elkstabber
I wouldn't worry so much about the twist vs flip as much as I'd look into height and leg sections vs packability. The fewer leg sections there are the more stable the tripod will be. Promaster 325 vs 525, for example. The 325 has 3 leg sections and the 525 has 5 leg sections. The 325 is more stable, with larger leg diameter on the bottom. The 525 is more packable, but has much thinner legs on the bottom.

From: TEmbry
On quality tripods I’ve never noticed a difference worth writing home about. Junkie gear flips seem to last a little longer.

I loathe twist lock trekking poles though

From: TD
"Twists work better going in and out of packs." yeah, that makes good logic for sure, hadn't considered that..... but then some of us don't have a "pack".... =D

Good to hear the input as to preferences. Thanks.

From: Tilzbow
Neither for tripods!

Flip on trekking poles for sure. I don't like them on tripods, the Outdoorsmans tripods have them and I sold both of mine partly for that reason. Solely "twist lock" anything aren't my preference. The Sirui tripods I'm currently using have neither internal twist nor flip locks. They're an external threaded lock. I find them sturdy and really fast to extend and lock. Plus they slide in and out of pack nicely.

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