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From: Zbone

From: Kurt
There is a mounted Pizzly (or is it a Grolar bear) in the Ulukhaktuk, NWT (was Holman) airport. This is North of the NW Passage up on Victoria, Island, about 71*N. An Inuit woman shot it a few kilometers from town when it was harassing her out at her summer cabin. The mounted bear looked a lot more like a light colored Barren Ground Grizzly than a Polar Bear. Ambush and I saw it in the airport in 2016.

From: Zbone
I found it strange/unique the 50/50 female cubs of the Prizzy then mated with their father making them 3/4 griz and 1/4 polar...

From: Bou'bound
That’s just wrong

From: drycreek
Bou, bears gotta have love too.....

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