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From: bighorn
How was the winter weather in Mont. around Lodge Grass? How did the deer herd do?

Early winter as in December -January was nice. February and March have been brutal. There will be some winter kill for sure. Hunt

From: SBH
The interstate was closed down there for a bit last weekend due to water flowing over the exit. Its been exactly what Hunt said....late winter was brutal. Snow is coming off nicely now which should mean fawns will have a better chance.

From: LKH
I'm in central (sw of Lewistown) and as described, open early then bad cold and snow. Now it's open and I've been seeing the last year fawns chasing and playing. That's about as good a sign as you can get.

Things opened up last week and the deer will be fine around here.

It takes a long time for bad winter kill and 45 days of tough weather won't kill too many.

From: t-roy
Encouraging news, Lewis. Good to hear that for you guys out west! Hopefully, the Dakotas are warming up as well.

From: Elite 1

Elite 1's embedded Photo
Elite 1's embedded Photo
We are loosing snow finally the deer have some Giddyup in their steps. Really nice to see Spring has finally sprung

From: bighorn
Thanks for update

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