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Reinhardt 18:1 review
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YZF-88 28-Mar-19
Bowfreak 28-Mar-19
HUNT MAN 28-Mar-19
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Kurt 28-Mar-19
Ucsdryder 28-Mar-19
Arrowflinger 28-Mar-19
Matt 29-Mar-19
Dennis Razza 29-Mar-19
WV Mountaineer 29-Mar-19
wilbur 29-Mar-19
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Alaska at heart 29-Mar-19
midwest 29-Mar-19
drycreek 29-Mar-19
From: YZF-88

YZF-88's embedded Photo
YZF-88's embedded Photo
YZF-88's embedded Photo
YZF-88's embedded Photo
I’m just not sure about the quality of these targets. This one only lasted 9 1/2 YEARS of field tip and lots of broadhead torture!!! It’s about time for retirement. It’s literally about to break in half. Of course I jest because this thing is worth whatever I paid for it.

From: Bowfreak
That's pretty awesome performance out of a target.

They truly are amazing .

From: Shawn
I have had mine for 5.5 years and have shot mostly broadheads at it and lots of them and it is still going strong. I paid 99 bucks for mine. Shawn

From: Kurt
Got about 6 years out my first 18-1. Great target, paired with a Morrell Range Target (bag) hung under a roof that is already about 7 years old and on its second cover.

From: Ucsdryder
Loved mine. It was solid for 3 years. German kinetic XLs did mine in. The big cutting surface seemed to wear it down quick.

From: Arrowflinger
I had one for several years and shot lots of broadheads in it. The 18:1 is a good target. I need to buy another one. It cost around 129.00 now at bass pro. But it is worth it. I never saw a target last that long from broadheads. If you just shot it with field points you could never wear it out!

From: Matt
Great BH targets.

From: Dennis Razza
Great target. Nice size to throw in the back of the truck and have at camp.

Mine is two years old and looks brand new except for the paint peeling off on some of the bullseyes.

From: wilbur

wilbur's embedded Photo
wilbur's embedded Photo
Had one in my back yard for years, part of my practice range. Unfortunately this guy took a liken to it. Just by luck I got a picture of him from a trail camera on my back yard food plot. I called Rinehart and explained the situation and asked if they would replace the target in exchange for the picture.

The CSR laughed at me and said probably not. I said at least wait until you see the picture?? He said OK send it. Five minutes later he emailed me back and said sign this release we're gonna send you a new target.

Found the old one in the woods beat to shit but I still use it. Rinehart makes solid targets.

From: Boatman71
I won a Rinehart Pyramid target last year at a 3D shoot. So far it seems pretty solid as well. Handy little target to have around.

From: smarba
That's awesome wilbur! and really cool that the Rhinehart folks had a sense of humor.

From: rattles33
On my third one--camofire will have sales occasionally with blemished ones--usually under $100.

From: Ermine
Wow yours lasted a long time. Mine have never lasted anywhere close to that. Mine are usually about 1.5-2 years and they are trashed

Great trail cam pix, Wilbur.....thanks for sharing. I got a chuckle out of that one.....apparently so did Rinehart. I have one that I've only shot field points into and it is a bugger getting them out.

From: midwest
I have a Rhino Block with the replaceable core. Cheaper in the long run but it doesn't look like the new ones have a replaceable core?

I have an 18-1 for elk camp.

From: drycreek
wilbur, you ain't feeding your bear well enough.

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