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VAP TKO fixed broad head fight
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Wishedhead 30-Mar-19
Dino 30-Mar-19
vmang 30-Mar-19
timex 30-Mar-19
wildwilderness 31-Mar-19
Matt 31-Mar-19
sdkhunter 31-Mar-19
RutnStrut 01-Apr-19
Charlie Rehor 02-Apr-19
Drummer Boy 02-Apr-19
From: Wishedhead
I am getting back into the fixed broad head game again after too many years of mechanical quiver disengagement’s that drive me nuts. Just had a dozen of these shafts fletched up in 3 different 4 fletch configurations. My first 3 broadheads to test will be QAD exodus swept back style, iron will solids, and G5 strikers. (Because that’s what I currently own). Suggestions of others that have flown well for you with this type setup would be great. Expensive to buy them and not end up using them. Thanks!!!!

From: Dino
Muzzy Trocars

From: vmang
I also use the muzzy trocar heads and easton FMJ shafts with 3 fletch AAE Max Hunter fletchs. Very accurate setup for me.

From: timex
I'm no expert & I shoot both trad & compound bows & I shoot big 150 grain 2 edge from my old bowtec 101st airborne & I get bare shaft arrows shooting straight to 20 yds with a combination of rest nock & arrow length adjustments. I always mount my 2 edge horizontal. and have never had a problem getting BIG fixed heads to fly after bare shaft tuning my compound. I don't think feather-vane configurations will have a difference unless a certain one is contacting the rest - riser and deflecting

The wac’em triton has always been one of the best flying fixed blades for me.

From: Matt
Exodus would be my go to.

I only killed one animal (moose) with trocars. They fly great but their performance was not so good (dismal edge retention on hair, hide, and ribs).

From: sdkhunter
I shoot the regular VAPs and over the last couple of years I’ve had good flight with the Trophy Takers terminal tloc, shuttle T, the regular slick tricks and viper tricks...

From: RutnStrut
I broadhead tune my set ups with VAP's and full size Snuffers. I haven't hunted with a Snuffer for 10 years. But when I am shooting fp/Snuffers together. I can usually screw on any other broadhead and still be good.

Where’s the beef?

From: Drummer Boy
I have had good luck with the muzzy trokar for the last 4 years.They fly good and the darn things are just lucky.

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