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Anyone Use Ranch Monitoring Systems?
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standswittaknife 31-Mar-19
milnrick 31-Mar-19
standswittaknife 31-Mar-19
APauls 31-Mar-19
Jaquomo 31-Mar-19
standswittaknife 31-Mar-19
Does anyone use a wireless or hard wired ranch monitoring system to watch who comes in and out of their property? These are systems with cameras that can be used with solar, hard-wire, or battery that allow you to monitor the comings and goings of those that are allowed on the property as well as obviously those that trespass?

From: milnrick
No, but Millie and I are definitely interested and will be following this thread.


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something like this?

From: APauls
The ultimate trail camera...a live camera attached to a tree. Can’t believe we’re there

From: Jaquomo
If you keep it on 24/7 it uses 2.5 Gb of data per day, even in the lowest bitrate mode. Thats 75 Gig a month. I have an unlimited data plan from Tmobile but there's a disclaimer that if I exceed a certain amount it will throttle the speed of all my data usage.

Unless you truly need a live feed, a better option might be a Reconyx. It takes stills or videos like a regular trail camera and if the card fills up it automatically starts overwriting from the beginning. You can download and review the photos from a Bluetooth connection within about 100 feet. I have one up in a tree at our lake and only review it if there's damage or some issue (caught some teenagers crashing the gate with their car last summer). Runs on a bank of AA lithiums and they last forever.

Apauls you are going the wrong way with what I am asking. We are not putting this over a food plot, nor do we want to monitor wildlife that closely.

I'm just asking that if you have a ranch and or farm, so that you don't get camera's stolen, does anyone use something else to watch the gate that can be uploaded upon tripping the camera. I have a client that lives here in Colorado and he's looking into one of those systems for simple ranch monitoring in another state. He has a building and would like to able to check in on it if needed through motion censor but it seems that camera's on trees are very easy to take, but some of these gizmo's could help.

Lou, thanks for the info.

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