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From: wkochevar
Has anyone worn and have an opinion on the Hoka Sky Kaha hiking boots? Looking for a good trainer as I'm putting too many miles on my mt. boots. they make great running and trekking shoes but don't know about their hikers... TIA Kip

Great trail shoes. Never done the hikers

From: smarba
I have not used the Sky Kaha but tried their earlier iteration the Hans Tor Ultra High.

I personally found them to be fairly comfortable and light but the sole is so soft that walking on a sidehill is difficult (the entire boot rolls) and I generally felt like I was balancing on a puffy balloon - unstable.

Additionally although touted to be waterproof/breathable they leaked like a sieve. I contacted Hoka and they replaced them. I promptly filled them with water (unworn) and water seeped out all over the place. I use these for casual scouting in gentle terrain for dry conditions, but they would not be by pick for a hunting boot.

My wife loves Hoka running shoes, I personally run in Newtons.

Granted my review is for a different model, but I'd highly suggest checking online reviews before trying the boots.

From: wkochevar
I don't know how much I'd actually hunt in them...just looking for a trainer boot I can throw my pack on with to get my fat-A.. ready for this fall. Thanks for the input.

From: ki-ke
I had one of their first iterations of "hikers". Smarbas review could be mine, but he has more words, so I'll let his stand alone.....

OTOH, I run in and really like their trail shoes.

From: SDHNTR(home)
Love em! Goofy looking for sure, but once you get past that, VERY comfortable and excellent traction. Not the most supportive boot/shoe of course, but that's to be expected. If I'm not carrying a heavy pack, they are a pleasure to wear.

From: wkochevar
Tried the Hoka Kaha's on yesterday and walked around the store and the fake rock a bit...decided on a pair of Oboz. I need a bit more arch support and stability for my flat arches. The Hoka's felt really comfortable and would be great for basic hiking, but for what I need them for, packing with a loaded pack, the Oboz felt better and more stable.

From: Scar Finga
I really like the light weight, but they just didn't fit my feet right, so I sent mine back. I was pretty bummed, they need to make them in a wide as well. And my wife called them my clown shoes, so yes, they are goofy looking!

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