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Iron Will s100 Broadhead
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Bill V - Iron Will 's embedded Photo
Bill V - Iron Will 's embedded Photo

Bill V - Iron Will 's Link
I posted this to the gear thread, but since most of our customers are elk hunters, I'll post it here also. A solid blade 100 grain broadhead has been our most requested new product this past year. My goal when engineering the s100 was to make a quiet flying, lighter weight 100 grain head without sacrificing durability, impact strength, sharpness, edge retention, cutting diameter, or precision accuracy. The result, which we are proud to guarantee with the Iron Will Lifetime Warranty, is now shipping.

From: Jaquomo
Bill, this looks like a great head. But I'm sold on the vented 125s.... :-)

I had no issues with the vented either. The 250s are proving to be a great head. The edge retention is amazing.

Solid, 125’s for me!

Thanks for continual innovation! C

From: ElkNut1
Yes, I'm sure it will make a few hunters happy, nice job!

As for my Son & I we'll stick with the 100 grain vented for this years hunts! Thanks!


From: Dale06
I’m sticking to 125 vented. They have worked very well for me.


Bill V - Iron Will 's embedded Photo
Bill V - Iron Will 's embedded Photo
I'm getting a few questions on the difference between the s100 and s125 blades. They are the same width and thickness. The s100 is shorter in length. Photo attached.

From: APauls
Killer head. Silent but deadly.

From: Bou'bound
Seem very similar to Magnus stingers but fatter

From: Ermine
Should be an awesome head! Touch more stouter than a magnus stinger thou haha

From: Mark Watkins
They look awesome Bill!

I've shot your 100 vented and they fly like darts!


From: APauls
I can't get enough of the solid heads. I have the S150's and they fly like darts. I swear there's a bible verse about the way those s100's tempt me.

I'm getting a few questions on ship time. We are all caught up on preorders and any new orders are shipping out that day or the next business day. (Custom engraving - add 2 weeks)

From: Trial153
I better use up the dozen I already have so I can order....more

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